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I love making these little videos, so I hope you also enjoy viewing them.

And, if you ever want me to do a short video for you (for your service or product), let me know. We can always work out a trade of some sort, don’t you think?

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Dreaming of Love

Photo by Disha Sheta on Pexels.com

My dreams have been troubled lately. Almost as troubled as the world we now live in. But last night they changed. Last night for the first time in weeks, I had a dream that left me, if not glad to wake up, at least not as frightened and axious.

Last night my dreams were filled with butterflies and sun-filled landscapes. And while that may sound escapist, they weren’t. Instead, I was seated under a tree with a half-dozen or so white-robed, glowing individuals. These essences emanated a calm and loving atmosphere that surrounded and filled me with such a sense of contentment and bliss. I was given the image of an Earth that offered sanctuary, promise, and ascendency for everyone. I was shown an Earth that was no longer filled with hate, denigration, and despair.

And while I watched this shift in Earth’s demeanor and energies, I realized that the only way to ensure that it happened, was to awaken from my Astral meeting, and lend my energy to creating this positive flow. I had to be part of the gathering together, rather than standing by and watching others tear each other apart.

We each need to find a way to bridge the gulfs that separate us and reach out to create a unity rather than dissension and antagonism. It’s easy to rage on about the mistakes and show anger at the outrageousness of what people do. But that only adds to the negativity that is already consuming our planet.

It’s better if when we encounter someone else’s negativity that we respond with love. Does that mean not helping when others are being hurt? No. But it does mean trying to intervene in a non-confrontational way. Is that easy? No. It’s always easier to give into your anger and self-righteousness, but it’s better if you don’t. Your anger only leads to their responding in more anger, until the whole situation is escalated to a level that makes it nearly impossible for us to stop.

So, think Love. Show Love. Offer Love. And create a unified, calm, and pleasing Earth to live on.

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The Holidays are Coming

I have a friend who is an amazing artist. Inna Cohen works in all types of mediums, but lately she has been devoting her efforts toward various alcohol ink projects. Her artwork is outstanding, and I’m not saying that just ’cause I’m her friend.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m using my blog to promote my friend and her art, but it’s simple really. With all the art fairs and other more social venues closed to her, I just wanted to give people a chance to see something wonderful. (And let’s face it, with all the weirdness we’ve had in 2020, we all need something beautiful to help us find our happy places again.)

To that end, take a look at some of her fantastic art and I hope it helps you find that happy spark that 2020 has been draining away.

And if you wish to purchase any of her artwork, you’re in luck, because it is for sale. She has holiday ornaments, metal work, cards, posters, and canvases that you can hang in your house or buy for someone who needs your help in decorating their place.

Take a look, see what you like.

You can see more of Inna’s art on her Facebook page (Inna Cohen Art Studio) or visit Inna’s Etsy page to purchase any of her great products.

Also check out the motivational items available at the TD Gallery Zazzle page.

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What Shape is Your “House” In?

The physical body is the form we wear while here in the reality we call life. It is made by us, for us, and everything we do to it affects us—the entire being that we are. Having a body is like owning a house, and just like a house, if you don’t take care of it, it will fall apart on you. There’s no landlord to call, because you’re not renting. So, if the windows are broken (you need glasses) or the plumbing backs up (gastric distress), you need to do something about it.

It doesn’t matter if you paint the outside of your house (make up and/or clothes) or whether you keep the lawn trimmed (hair cuts). What matters is how well you maintain the house itself.

Many things can affect you and your body, some that you have no control over, or so it seems. After all, is it your fault that the air is full of smog and you can’t breathe properly? Perhaps not completely, but did you do anything to help decrease the smog? Or perhaps you feel that you have no control over the amount of noise you’re subjected to because you live in a big city. However, there are ways to avoid the noise—and moving into a suburb is only of those options.

Now, in some cases you may endure an injury that you truly didn’t have any way to avoid. While rare, accidents do occur, how you take care of yourself and allow yourself to heal plays an important part in how the overall you feels and recovers.

Your body is more than just a temporary shell—it is always a part of you, of the essence that is you. Because even when you die, the energy that you used to create the body you used, is merged back into you so that you can create another form for another life. So, how you feel about yourself and how you value yourself is reflected in how you treat yourself.

Now, my own body has taken some abuse, and many times I feel much older than I am because of the aches and pains. You see. I’ve been in quite a few car accidents and while some may have been avoided, none of them were. While some were chosen directly in an effort to learn a lesson or to set something in motion, others were simply the result of my chief feature—impatience. By allowing impatience to lead, I made some foolish choices, and the results culminated in either auto versus auto, or auto versus bicycle. Either way, my body has taken a lot of physical stress and abuse due to these “accidents”, so now, each time I overextend myself now, it takes longer and longer to recover.

However, it isn’t just my body that suffers, it’s my overall being. Because when my body is that worn out, my energies feel depleted, and my mind is unable to focus or think coherently. So, all-in-all, I simply need to let the whole being rest for a day (or maybe 2 or 3).

It’s hard sometimes, because I’ll get immersed in a project—like putting in a flower bed, painting the living room or removing wall paper from the bedroom in the house we just bought—and once started, I hate to take a break until I get it finished. However, by pushing myself like that, I find myself needing days, sometimes up to a full week, to recover.

Indiana Jones makes the comment, “…It isn’t the years, it’s the miles…” and I agree. If I hadn’t battered my poor body in all of those car accidents by always being in such a hurry, I wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping up now. After all, the things I do aren’t really all that strenuous; it’s just that my body has been so broken and battered, that my energies don’t always flow properly anymore. Therefore, it takes twice as long as it should for me to recover from doing anything.

For more information on health, healing and the physical body try my award-winning book, “All About Auras.”


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What do your dreams mean?

eCover2019_With_AwardDreams have always had special meaning to me. Ever since I can remember, dreams have brought messages—messages of hope and warning, introductions to lessons coming up in my life, and opportunities. They’ve also brought “conversations” from loved ones no longer “living” (in the physical world) and from those I call guides and guardians.

Many of the messages come from myself—many of the warnings, opportunities, lessons and encouragements. But many others come from those no longer physical. Answers to questions can sometimes come from self, but other times are most definitely from someone else. Warnings and lessons also come others as well as myself.

Last night the dream remembered, at first, seemed bizarre and with little point. It seemed more like a moving rendition of a Dali painting than as anything meaningful and full of insight. Yet because I’ve had many lives spent understanding and interpreting dreams (both for myself and others) I could see the relationship of the symbols to my life almost immediately.

Do I always understand my dreams quickly, seeing the connection between the symbols and actions to my current life? No, but I’d say that 80 to 85% of the time I do. Last night the dream was of me and my father. We were standing next to a wooden framework that he had built. He wanted help moving it to another location, but every time I touched a piece of it or tried to pick it up, it came apart. I was being extremely careful because I respected my father’s work, but even so, the framework simply fell apart. It was as if the parts were weakened and could no longer take any amount of stress or pressure.

My brother (the oldest one) suddenly appeared yelling and angry, telling me that I didn’t care enough. Meanwhile, my father just seemed sadly resigned, standing and watching without interceding at all. Finally, I just laid the broken pieces down and walked away. I wasn’t exactly angry; it seemed as if I was more unwilling to argue with my brother, and couldn’t think of a way to do as my father wanted without causing more harm, so I simply walked away.

What the heck could that possibly mean, you puzzle? Well, to me it’s simple…

My father’s true self is requesting help moving from one reality (plane of existence) to another. His body (the framework) is falling apart, and he no longer desires to remain here (in the physical world). My brother, however, doesn’t want to lose Dad, so he won’t let go. He clings to my father “protecting” him. Yet my father doesn’t want “protection”, he wants release. But this is not my “fight”. This is something that my dad needs to work out with my brother. So, although my dad has “asked” me to help, there’s nothing I can do until he and my brother work through their opposing goals—my father’s to move on, my brother’s refusal to let him go.

This isn’t the first such dream I’ve had where someone has contact me on an astral level because they can’t “say” what they want or need to in the physical world. When I was 14 I was rather close to one of my uncles (he taught me photography and gave me my first camera—a black, box camera). For 2 nights in a row I had the same dream:

My uncle was leaving the house, saying goodbye to my aunt. I knew he was on his way to work—not because anyone said anything, but just because I knew. He had on his uniform (he worked for one of the airlines) and was walking across their front yard toward the driveway. The dream faded and now he was walking across the tarmac at the airport. He was headed towards a large jumbo jet that was sitting on the tarmac. Suddenly, the plane exploded, bursting into flames, it obliterated my uncle.

The third night the dream came again, but the ending changed. Instead of waking up as the plane exploded and my uncle was killed, my uncle walked out of the flames smiling and telling me that everything was fine. As he kept telling me that everything was all right, I noticed the brilliant glow that surrounded him. At first I thought it was the light from the flames, but I soon realized that the burning plane was no longer in sight. It was just my uncle standing in a gray mist, smiling and surrounded by a brightening glow. The glow grew brighter until I couldn’t see my uncle at all, just the light. But I heard his voice quite clearly. He said, “I’m all right now. Tell Toni that I love her, and remember that I love you, too.” (Toni was my aunt.)

I didn’t fully understand everything I saw and heard back then, but I did understand that he had died. So it was no surprise when my mom woke me in the morning to tell me that my uncle had died of a massive coronary that morning. (His heart burst, hence the exploding plane.)

Last year I got another “message”, only this time it was someone who needed help (advice). The message came for 3 consecutive nights, but because this time I was an adult with more understanding of what was happening, the message didn’t come through as some warped, Dali-like dream image. This time the message came through almost direct. In the morning I went to a particular website, one I had never been to, though I had heard of it, and posted a message. I got about a dozen replies, but only one was from the person I was “waiting” for. The energy in the message was exactly the same as that which had come through the astral encounter.

I gave this person what help I could, but the important point is that I recognized the call for “help” and knew how to respond. You see, I learned early on to listen to my dreams. Sometimes they’re just me talking to me at a time/point when ego is vulnerable and so more apt to listen. But sometimes it’s someone just wanting to say goodbye or seeking advice.

As for my father, well, as much as I respect his desires, there’s little I can do. I know he’s tired, and the body is frail and “breaking down”. But he and my brother need to work through their opposing needs. Until then, I’ll just keep monitoring my dreams…

For more information regarding dreams, read my award-winning book, “On Dreams and Dream Symbols.”NewCovers

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Communing With The Dead

Seeing or visiting with loved ones who have passed on isn’t confined to just kooks or those individuals whose stories we listen to while rolling our eyes. Anyone and everyone can receive greetings or messages indicating that those we loved and are no longer with us are fine and still aware (of us and our world) and even that they still love us.

This story (linked here) tells how actor Vinnie Jones received such a message from his late wife Tanya. This story and the dozens of others that regularly appear in the news, make it quite clear that we’re all able to “hear” from our loved ones who’ve passed on if we’ll only take the time to quiet our restless minds and listen.

Turn off your electronics, turn off the distractions, and open yourself to the possibilities around you. The world is a lot more complex and a lot simpler once we remove the clutter and distractions that we all surround ourselves with.

To find out more about the afterlife and how to “converse” with those who have crossed over, check out my award-winning books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Mastering Meditation.”


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Made in Heaven


Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that haunts your memory even years afterward?

I have. 15 or 20 years ago, I saw a film on TV that somehow stuck with me. Although I couldn’t remember much about this film, it has somehow burrowed into my memory and refused to let go. Periodically, I would remember a scene from it—not clearly, just in a vague sort of way; just enough to make me wonder where the memory came from and why. I could go for years without thinking of this film, and then—pow! That niggling piece of memory would creep in and set me wondering again.

Finally, now some 20 years later, I decided to track down this film and find out why my memory has been clinging to it for so long. Why it has been teasing me with vague recollections of it for so long. So, with my husband’s help, we located a Q&A site online and I typed in as much as I could remember about the film. It wasn’t much—I had no idea who the actors were, when it was made or shown, or what the title was. All I had was a very vague idea of what the plot was. So, I typed that in and asked if anyone recognized it and, if so, to let me know what the name of the film was or who the actors were.

It didn’t take long for people to start giving their opinions and ideas as to what movie I was looking for. While the majority of them weren’t even close (giving me film names such as Bewitched or City of Angels) one answer clicked with me. They said the title of the film was Made in Heaven and that it starred Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis.

My husband and I looked the film up in IMDB and the synopsis was close enough to what I remembered that we began looking for a copy that we could rent to see if it truly was the film I remembered. The problem was, the film hadn’t been very popular, so most places no longer had it available. Now I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a chance to view this film again and find out why it had lingered in my mind for so long.

We found a couple of places that had the film available for sale on VHS tape–it had evidently never been popular enough to get transferred to DVD–but we had no way to play VHS, and I didn’t really want to buy it, because I still wasn’t 100% sure that this was even the right film yet. As I contemplated just giving up despite the fact that this half-remembered film plot had been bugging me over the years, I decided to check the library.

I typed in the URL for the library website and lo and behold there it was in all its glory. With a few keystrokes and a quick run to the library for the pick up, we now had a copy of the film. I could finally find out once and for all if this truly was the film that had been haunting my memory. So, last night, popcorn in hand, we plugged in the movie and sat back to watch.

Right off we could tell that it wasn’t going to be a great movie. The cinematography was poor, the editing made the film choppy, and the acting was mediocre at best. However, I recognized that this was the movie I had had flashes of for 20 years, and I was determined to find out why (despite the film-student-quality of the movie) it stuck in my head.

20 minutes into the film, I found my answer. Amidst the dross, here was some Truth. Evidently, the script/story writer had actually spent some time on the transitional level of the Astral plane. Although, the movie referred to it as “heaven”, it was definitely the same place I had traveled to in my NDE and the same place that most of us refer to as the Astral plane overall. 

The movie had guides (in fact, Kelly McGillis was a guide), and the inhabitants of “heaven” spoke of  “…thinking about where you want to go, and going there…”  (On the transition level of the Astral plane that’s exactly how things work. If you think about where you want to be, the reality of it is created around you. You don’t actually “travel” anywhere, as much as the reality just comes to exist.)

They also had some very good representations of the areas of learning that exist on the Astral plane as well as the areas of ideas, and areas of creativity.

Having spent so much of this lifetime moving between the Physical plane and the Astral plane, I had recognized the truth of these scenes the first time I saw the movie, and so the memory of the movie had continued to plague me until I watched it again. Now, watching it again, I saw the truth in these scenes and was even more struck by how accurate they were.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a movie if it didn’t go off with ideas and concepts that were strictly Physical plane (ideas based on bias, need for drama, and religious and philosophical ideals) which they tried to overlay onto their concept of heaven. In other words, they tried to construct a heaven that was modeled after Earth with families, sex, marriage, homes, jobs, etc. Those are all concepts that don’t apply once you leave the Physical world, but this was a movie, after all, so I let it slide. I figured, that perhaps the main character was creating these situations and things because he missed the Physical plane (and because it was a movie after all).

As I said, it will never be a great movie, but seeing how much Truth was buried inside that film made it worthwhile for me. And it’s not a baaad film, but if you’re watching it for the love story or the acting, I’ve definitely seen better. However, if you’re watching it because you want to know what’s next after this life then Made in Heaven has some beautiful pearls hidden inside of it for you.

For some even better (and clearer) information regarding what happens in the afterlife, you can read my award-winning book, “Escorting the Dead.” 3D-Escorting the Dead - 5x8_BW_320-6 300 PPI

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Can you hear it…?


Lately, I’ve been trying to cope with the silence of my dreams. With my dreams being mute, I feel as cut off as anyone who has ever experienced a major blackout. There is no light, no information (no radio or TV), no communication (no phone—landline or cell), just empty blackness and silence.

Each night I have gone to bed asking for guidance, some message, some insight or information that would help me figure out how to cope with some of the situations in my life, and each night my response has been an overpowering silence.

All my life I’ve used the same process of asking for insights, and while there have been times when the answers weren’t welcome, or my emotional state was too chaotic to let through a response, I’ve never felt such an overwhelming blank silence before.

I feel as if I’m facing the world with a disadvantage. It’s as if I have cotton wadding stuffed in my ears, pads over my eyes, and a gag over my mouth—at least in relation to knowing about my own life. When it comes to everyone else, I still have all my abilities; I can still “see” everything about their lives, “hear” all their inner voices and cries, and I can still offer them understanding, wisdom, and hope.

But while I’ve provided others with insights, assistance, and guidance; while I’ve helped others work through their issues and life challenges by creating scenarios for them on the transitional plane, and while I’ve planed back and forth helping others say goodbye and finish up their physical lives, there’ve been no messages for me. There has been nothing to help me figure out how to deal with the issues that have been cluttering up my own life,

However, in the midst of all this silence I have made some observations (and just maybe that was the reason for this…just maybe it has helped me discover some small truths for myself). What I have found is that most people who either do not, will not, or cannot listen to their dream voices, continue to wander through their lives, usually hoping to encounter someone who can show them the way, someone who can help them through the maze called life.

Because wandering through the darkness is scary, many people seek out someone to help them, to guide them through the darkness. There are any number of people out there willing to “help”; people who say they are “connected” to or with the “other side”; people who say they are able to show you the way you need to go, people who can speak for your missing dream voice, people with a message.

However, when I really listened to the messages coming from most of these “helpers”, what I discovered is that their communications do not extend beyond the surface of the physical world. If their dreams are speaking to them, they aren’t listening. These people are only trying to fill the silence around them with noise, and for many, that noise is a welcome relief to the silence they have been hearing. So, they follow the noise, and they listen to the message. But soon, some of those that welcomed the noise, begin to realize just how shallow this communication is, and they move on. Others, too afraid of the silence to let go, cling to this noise as to a lifeline.

I have walked through the silence this month, searching for my voice. Each time I encountered someone who would help, I stopped and listened to their messages. However, each time I found the noise more grating than helpful, and I moved on.

I found that I much prefer to wait in the silence, because if I wait in the silence, eventually I will hear the voice of my own dreams. I have to listen very closely, because dreams speak softly (most of the time—they only yell if they have to). Therefore, if I fill the silence with noise, I may never know when my dreams are trying to speak to me; I may never hear the messages that my dreams want me know.

And noise doesn’t just come from outside (from other people). Worry, anxiety, fear, anger, angst, jealousy, frustration, all of these and more create noise. When you fill your head and your heart with these noises, the subtle voice of your dreams can’t compete. Instead, you need to wait in silence, the silence of serenity, the quiet of calmness. But how can you find calmness or serenity when you’re worried about losing your current job or finding a new one, or you’re concerned about whether your spouse is having an affair, or you’re frustrated due to family or monetary issues.

When you’re lost in the storm of emotional noise, that’s when your dreams yell. That’s when your dreams will shout and scream to try to make themselves heard. But if you’re not listening, or if you’re being distracted by someone else’s message, then whatever information your dreams have for you is ignored and lost.

You need to recognize that the silence isn’t scary. You need to see it for the opportunity it is and learn to use that opportunity to listen; to hear what it is your dreams need to tell you. Shhhh…can you hear it? I think it’s whispering to you…listen closely now.

(For more about dreams and what they might be trying to tell you, read the award-winning book, On Dreams and Dream Symbols.“) On Dreams and Dream Symbols

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“Knowing” or Supposing

“Knowing” is a movie starring Nicholas Cage as a desperate father in the last of days. Here’s the premise: 50 years ago a girl has premonitions of all sorts of disasters occurring from her time forward until they culminate in a worldwide disaster. Using a code, she writes up her premonitions and puts them in her school’s time capsule, which is opened 50 years later.

Nicholas Cage’s son receives the envelope with her predictions in them and Nicholas Cage manages to unscramble the code. When he realizes that there are only 4 premonitions left and they will all occur within the next few weeks, he tries to intervene. However, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop any of them. Is it fate, destiny, or God’s wrath?

In despair and knowing the end is near, he lets the angels–or are they aliens?–come and take his son (who is about 8 or 9) and his son’s playmate (a girl of about 10), along with other pairs of kids away from Earth so that they can survive the end of the world. The alien/angels place these kids on a some other planet, and blithely go away, their good deed done, the human race saved. The Earth is destroyed, and all ends happily ever after with the kids rescued.

While interesting, I found this movie wrong on so many levels. It disturbed me badly all night long, yet not for the reasons you would think. My first problem with this movie is why would the aliens (or angels) bother to tell someone about piddly occurrences where 50, 100’s, 1000’s, or 100k’s of people were to die when the whole world was going to die within 50 years? I mean what’s the point? Aren’t the people of these other disasters the lucky ones? After all, they don’t have to go through the end of days, because they’ve already moved on to some other plane of existence.

The second problem and the biggest issue, I have with this film is the removal of the kids. Why take just the kids, and especially kids from technological countries and drop them in the middle of nowhere on a strange planet? They can’t survive on their own. These kids have no idea where or how to survive without PCs, microwaves, and fridges. They also need love and support, but there are no parents for them, nor adults, and no aliens/angels either. They’ve been abandoned on some strange world, left alone to fend for themselves. Those that don’t waste away from fear, homesickness, or emotional disturbances, will probably turn into frightful savages.

This, to me, isn’t a hopeful and happy ending, it’s a nightmare. I feel sorriest for the children. Why would someone think that these poor 2 through 10 year olds could possibly make it on their own on some strange planet. It doesn’t matter if the planet has hostile animals or not, it still has a climate, it still has no built-in fridges or pre-built homes. These are unskilled, abandoned kids…this is cruelty at it’s worst.

If the rapture actually occurred, I would hope that the families would be taken together to supply the love, guidance, and support that the kids would need. And if the rapture is really aliens transporting people off the planet before it’s destroyed, then I would hope that they’d have enough intelligence to realize that just dropping pairs of kids off on another planet is not a solution. Sure, some of the kids might survive, but at what cost?

I would hate to imagine what would happen to those poor kids without someone (even an alien/angel) to soothe their nightmares, ease their anxieties, or kiss their boo-boos.

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How Do I Engage My Readers?

person laying on sofa while reading book

How do you engage readers? I just read an article on Medium that explores this question. Why should you read it, too? Because it gives a simple answer to an often asked question: How do I engage my readers?

So, take a look at Daniel A’s article, Why Every Writer Should Use Hypophorato find a quick and useful way keep your readers reading.

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