Another FREE Book — Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a booklet that provides a variety of techniques to help you heal your spirit, mind, and body. Combining easily obtained and available natural objects such as gems, light, metals, and scents along with your daily meditations, you can maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Just find those items that “speak” to you. Then use the object’s energies combined with the appropriate techniques and meditations to adjust and correct the biomagnetic energies of your body, mind, or spirit that need healing or balancing.

The book is free and can be found at:

Barnes & Noble

And most other online book vendors.

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Although clichés, there are two phrases that (to me) sum up a fundamental truism about people:

  • Everyone is different
  • Never judge a book by its cover

What those two ideas mean to me is that you never know what someone will do in a given situation. You’ll never know why someone reacts the way they do, and no two people will act or react in quite the same way.

This is because unless you can see beneath the surface of someone and know all the major events of their current life and any previous lives that are impacting this current life, you’ll never be able to easily understand why someone acted as they did.

One of my life’s goals has been to try to understand people and their motivations. I read newspapers, watch TV news, and read news items on the web all in an attempt to help me understand people and their motivations.

I’m aided in this by my ability to see that subsurface, to see and know that information that most people aren’t privy to—I can read auras and energies, so I can see what possible incidents in a person’s past might influence them, and I can sense the emotions that were in play at the time (and currently), and I can see what personality filters are impacting their lives. (Personality filters are things like role, attitude, major Achilles heel, goal, centering, etc.)

All of this information is written throughout a person’s aura; it’s where you can find the “rest of the story” regarding a person. See, when I look at someone, I see them, but I also see an overlay of information (seven levels of information, actually). I see seven layers of colors, colors that indicate their emotional health (mood), spiritual health, mental health, physical health, their true self (the filters), their past lives that are impacting this life, and their current and future possible paths.

That’s a lot of information, but I’ve been seeing all of these layers when I look at people my entire life, so for me it takes only moments to process the “important” pieces like mood, health, and role. The other information comes if I spend time with them, touch them (such as in a hug), or take time to do a reading on them.  And it’s the whole package of information that usually helps me understand someone (really understand them).

How many times have you read an article in the paper or heard something on the radio about some seemingly senseless and random crime and wondered, Why? Why did that person do that? Why did the victim not try to defend themselves? What was the attacker/victim thinking?

But maybe if you could see what I can see in regards to that person, you might find out that the crime wasn’t so random or senseless. That maybe there was an imbalance that was resolved by the crime, or maybe there was an imbalance created. Perhaps there was a lesson being learned by all the people involved. (Did you know that we sometimes choose to be involved in incidents such as robberies, purse snatchings, plane crashes, fires and such either as the victim or the perpetrator so that we can learn? Yep…not every crime is as random as it appears.)

But even with all the information I have at my disposal; even with all the layers of information that each of us provides, I have yet to answer these questions:  How did some of these TV people become such celebrities? And why are people still so mesmerized by these “celebrities?”

Have you ever wanted to see and understand auras? The award-winning All About Auras and its award-winning companion All About Auras Reference Guide gives you information, concepts, and step-by-step instructions to do just that.

You can also find more help in reading auras at Tas Readings.

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Echoes of My Own Experiences

WhatdreamsposterA friend of mine invited me to watch a movie with her. She said it was something she had seen when it first came out and, knowing I hadn’t seen it, thought I would really enjoy it. That’s all she said. She wouldn’t give me the title, tell me who starred in it, or even give me a synopsis of the plot. Deciding to humor her (and wanting to spend time with her, anyway), I agreed to her “movie night.”

The movie she chose was “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams. And to say I was surprised by the movie is an understatement. It was like watching my own award-winning book, Escorting the Dead, come to life on the small screen.

The movie was based on a book by Richard Matheson, author of such books as Bid Time Return (which became the movie, “Somewhere in Time”) and I am Legend (which also became a movie with the same name). I had loved all the movies made from Mr. Matheson’s books, including this one that I had just seen, so I went to the library and got copies of his books.3AwardWinningBooks

Reading his words pulled at something deep within me. I felt as if we were connecting on a soul level. And the echoes to my own experiences were astounding, yet I had never heard of Mr. Matheson until my friend introduced me to his works.

This connection made me wonder just who Mr. Matheson was and how he came to write these books. I needed to know more about him. I wondered about his inspiration. Did he have a near death experience of his own? Was his just a finely tuned imagination or was there some “secret” knowledge there?

What I found was that he wasn’t all that different from me in his beliefs and in how he built his spiritual foundations.

Fascinated by parapsychology, the paranormal, and metaphysics since boyhood, Mr. Matheson used his storytelling platform to explore and express his beliefs. Having read everything from Emanual Swedenborg and Harold Percival to Raymond Moody and Kubler-Ross, Mr. Matheson compiled his own spiritual belief system which he published in a book called “The Path”, a non-fiction account of his ideas and concepts.

That same belief system was used as the basis for “What Dreams May Come” but was expressed as a story; however, in an introductory note to the book, Matheson explains that the characters are the only fictional component of the novel. Almost everything else was based on research, and the end of the novel includes a lengthy bibliography.

Placing the material in a fictional, story-like format allowed Mr. Matheson to reach a wider audience with his ideas of how life (and death) works. His book explores a range of paranormal and spiritual concepts and puts forth his philosophy of mind over matter, that ideas are the basis of creation, and his beliefs that the human soul is immortal and that a person’s fate in the afterlife is self-imposed.

The book, which was originally published in 1978, received mixed reviews. However, Mr. Matheson considered it one of his greatest achievements and was quoted as saying, “I think ‘What Dreams May Come’ is the most important (read effective) book I’ve written. It has caused a number of readers to lose their fear of death – the finest tribute any writer could receive.”

That quote also fits me. I may not sell very many copies of my book, but that’s okay; because if my book can give even one person some comfort regarding their death or the death of someone they love, than that’s what counts. It’s really the reason why I wrote it.

So, in our own way, I guess Mr. Matheson and I do have a connection. We both developed similar belief systems and have tried to express those beliefs through our writing. It’s nice to have validation of how you think the world functions, and it’s even nicer when that validation comes to you unexpectedly and without strings.

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Tell the Bees

Photo by Caio on

Bees have held a special place in British and Celtic families for decades. It became a tradition among many of these bee-keeping families to tell their bees when tragedies or deaths occurred in the family. Failing to make these notifications often resulted in the loss of the hive or a reduction in the bees’ production of honey.

Years of observation showed that when the bees were included in all the family’s major events (marriages, births, deaths, journeys to be made, etc.), the bees stayed calm and productive. However, when the bees weren’t notified, the queen often died or led her followers away from the hive and to new quarters elsewhere. Therefore, the tradition of “telling the bees” was born.

Some people believe that this “telling the bees” practice had its origins in Celtic mythology, which says that the bees are the link between our world and the world of spirits and faeries. Therefore, if you wanted to send a message to someone who had crossed over you would give it to the bees who would then carry your message to the person in the afterlife.

But whether the bees actually carry messages to the afterlife or not, the relationship between bees and humans is a factual one. Without bees, humans would have difficulty surviving as 70 of the top 100 crop species that feed 90% of the human population rely on bees for pollination. Without bees these plants would cease to exist, thereby causing the deaths of all those (man and animals) that rely on those plants. This reliance on bees would then have a cascading effect, which would ripple catastrophically up the food chain. Losing a beehive is much worse than losing a supply of honey. The consequences are life threatening.

The act of telling the bees simply emphasizes our deep connection with bees and all other insects. A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has found that when bee colonies are examined as a whole (when viewed as a single superorganism) they tend to display behavior similar to how the human brain responds to external stimuli. Andreagiovanni Reina, a research associate in Collective Robotics at the University of Sheffield’s computer science department and lead author of the latest study, told Newsweek, “The term superorganism is used to describe a group of social insects as a unique, complex organism.” He went on to say, “…when a group of these organisms operate in synergy to help each other when surviving, foraging, and reproducing, the group can be considered as a whole, or in other words, a single superorganism.”

Researchers from the University of Sheffield say these findings illuminate and explain some of the basic mechanisms of human behavior. The researchers applied a theoretical model usually used in psychology to study how honeybees decide on a location for building their nest. They found similarities between how individual bees communicate with one another when making collective decisions and the way neurons, or nerve cells, in the human brain interact.

According to Reina, finding these parallels between bees in a colony and human brain neurons supports the view that bee colonies are a superorganism and further demonstrates how the behavior of such superorganisms obeys the same laws that describe the workings of the human brain.

This important insight could help researchers better understand so-called psychophysical laws, which until now, were thought to only apply to individual organisms.

“Psychophysics studies the relationship between the intensity of a stimulus and its perception in the human brain,” Reina said. “This relationship has been explained through a set of psychophysical laws that hold in a wide spectrum of sensory domains, such as sound loudness, musical pitch, image brightness, time duration, weight and others. Recently, numerous studies have shown that a wide range of organisms at various levels of complexity also obey these laws.”

While these laws do not apply to single neurons, they do apply to the brain as a whole. Similarly, the new study shows that, while psychophysical laws do not apply to individual bees, they can effectively describe the behavior of a bee colony.

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So, don’t let the bees die.

Remember Tinkerbell? Well, instead of clapping three times for the bees as we had to do to save her, we need to talk to the bees. Tell them your troubles and your triumphs, and let them know what’s going on in your life. You may be surprised just how much they care. And if it helps strengthen the bond between us, then all the better. Because we need each other. Therefore, the next time trouble enters your life and you need someone to talk to, try telling it to the bees.

And to find more information regarding the afterlife and our connection with loved ones whom have passed, read the award-winning book Escorting the Dead.

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Escorting the Dead Interview With the Author

There’s an interview with TA Sullivan regarding her NDE and her award-winning book Escorting the Dead now available at IM Light Publishing, her publisher’s website.

If you want just a taste of the interview, you can view a short sample of it in this video from the TA Sullivan Youtube site.

And don’t forget to check out some of her other award-winning books.

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He Wanted You to Know

A Quora Question:

Q: Why did I dream of my father exactly within the night when he passed away due to cancer? On waking up I couldn’t shake the feeling from the dream so I called my stepmother to just be told ‘your father is dead’. This has amplified my grief and pain.

I would venture to say that your dream was actually a message from your father to tell you he was passing from the Physical to the Spiritual world. This usually indicates that he was thinking of you and wanted to ensure that you were alerted to his “departure” and wanted to ensure that you knew he was going to be okay.

Unfortunately, based on your question, I would guess that you took it harder than he expected. Whether this had to do with the way you were given the news by your step-mother and/or your relationship with her, I don’t know.

But if you wish to speak to your father, then do so. He’s listening, believe me. He knows how upset you are, so if you reach out to him, he will respond.

Those that move on from the Physical world are still here with us, but due their shift of vibratory frequency it’s more difficult to communicate with them. This is why they often use dreams and sleep periods to make their presence known. So, talk to him. Ask him if he’s okay, and then await his answer…because it will come.

Best of luck to you, and sorry for your loss.

To learn more about death and the afterlife, read the award-winning books Escorting the Dead and Choices.

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New NFAWE Winner

Janne “Beyond Life”

Winner of the IM Light Publishing Non-Fiction Distinguished Award of Writing Excellence

Book Synopsis: The purpose of this book is to tell about the feelings and the sorrow that occurs at the loss of a child, and about the process of grief one goes through. We also tell about the unexplainable experiences that have happened to me, Kjeld, in connection with the death of our daughter Janne.

It is our hope, that others who have lost somebody highly loved will be able to find understanding for the process of grieving by reading this book. Should they experience unexplainable events, that cannot be accounted for rationally – then maybe it is not as uncommon as most people think.

Publisher’s Review:  The authors and parents of Janne have presented a very emotional, yet compelling, story of death and the afterlife. They present both explanations and examples of how their primarily logic-based lives were completely disrupted with the death of their daughter. And how she continued to interact with them despite being no longer with them in the physical world.

Although those not inclined to believe in “ghosts” or afterlife manifestations may still find it hard to shift their ways of looking at the world, Kjeld presents a compelling case for his cause that something of us continues to exist even when the physical shell is gone. He presents numerous anecdotes of messages that he has received from Janne, some from mediums that he has contacted and other messages have come from people he has never met. He has also “met” with his daughter during dream sequences. All of these incidents only solidify his newfound belief that life doesn’t end with the death of the physical body. Instead, it continues on, just in a different form.

I highly recommend this book for those who have struggled or are still struggling with grief over a loved one or simply have an interest in what happens to us when we die.

Author Bio: Ilse and Kjeld Johnsen are the parents of Janne and have spent years trying to spread their message of hope. Ilse also works as an Administrations Manager and Kjeld is Financial Auditor. Both live in Denmark, .

URL for Author’s Website/Book Website:

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I Joined the Underground Library Society

“In an earlier First Year Class at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, The U.L.S. — The Underground Library Society — was created. It is in the spirit of the Book People from Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. In that novel, all books have been banned, and a few people “become” books by memorizing them, in the hope that, one day, books will be permitted to exist again.”

Dr. Charles French, of the Charles French on Words, Reading, and Writing blog, posted the above paragraph with a call for like-minded bloggers to volunteer to be “books.” We wouldn’t actually have to memorize the books as they did in Fahrenheit 451, but rather he wanted us to pick a book that we’d be willing to memorize if the circumstances called for it, and then present a book report (of sorts).

For me, I chose Stephen King’s book Bag of Bones for reasons that I stated in my book report.

So, here’s the book report I presented to gain entry into the ULS.

If you want to join the ULS, just contact Dr. French at his blog site.

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Shift Your Vibration and Have An OBE

Many people want to experience what it’s like to slip away from their physical form and see the world as a spiritual being. It’s what is referred to as having an out of body experience. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to slip out of their skin and see the world as an astral being. That’s where these videos come in.

The videos below can help you find just the right vibration that will let you break free from the mindset of being just a physical being and enable you to see yourself as the complete being that you are — body, soul, and mind combined.

So, try these videos and break free from the world of physicality and see the world through your astral eyes. The first one is 30-minutes, while the second one is only 10-minutes.

30-minute OBE Meditation and Exercise
10-minute OBE Meditation and Exercise

And for more information and exercises to help you build your intuition and spirituality, sign up for classes at or buy any of the award-winning books.

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Why Is There Such a Strong Connection Between Us?

Quora Question:

Q: I’ve had many people die in my life but there is this one spirit who is always on my mind and lets me know he’s around. Is it possible to have a strong connection to spirit and why?

Yes, it’s possible to have a strong bond with a specific person in physical or spiritual form. It can be a negative bond (which yours doesn’t sound like) such as trying to cling life even though the person is dead or the living person trying to cling to the person even though they’re dead.

The experience can also be something positive in that the two of you have a lasting connection such as agreements to help learn a lesson or to be a guide or guardian, or any other number of such agreements we make with each other.

It could also be that you are soul twins (which means you’re two halves of the same essence). This doesn’t mean you have a Romeo/Juliet-type of relationship; it simply means that you are mirror-image souls so you understand each other almost innately.

These are just some of the reasons why the spirit and you may stay in touch. Of course, there may be other reasons that are specific to the two of you. If you really want to know what the connection is and why it exists, just ask. While this soul or your other guides may not respond in words, they may show you the reason or give you an explanation during your sleep period.

However, the answers come, asking is always a good way to find out when dealing with the spirit realm. Because they will try their best to get an answer through to you.

Good luck.

For more information on spiritual relationships check out the award-winning books Escorting the Dead and Choices.

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