Our Pasts, Presents, and Futures

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Quora Question:

Why does the “past life” affect this life? Many people know nothing about it and struggle with their lives because of their past life. So why do we need to carry these imbalances and phobias from life to life?

Life is about experiences (or we sometimes call them lessons). We (our souls) choose experiences, such as loved/unloved or teacher/student, and we dive into our lives. During one life we may experience the unloved portion by being someone who is always pushing people away. So, the next time around we decide to try being unloved by having some sort of deformity. Then we might try being unloved due to some sort of societal prejudice (Catholics don’t marry outside of the faith, or that type of thing). After a few dozen lives trying out the various ways of how being unloved works, you decide to the loved portion. Now, you’re the one who loves someone, but even that can be problematic. So, it can take another dozen lives to see all sides of that option, too. After that, you try another combination (Happy/unhappy, famous/infamous, supported/supporter, caretaker/cared for, honest/dishonest, etc.

As you experience these different lifetimes, you build up knowledge. But most of us, keep that knowledge “hidden” from ourselves so that we can start each lesson from scratch. But if one of the lessons is stopped in the middle (maybe because it ended very badly), you may have reactions from that past life that “bleed through” into the current life. These reactions can be anything from unfocused anger (not sure why you’re angry, you just are), to rashes, phobias, and physical ailments. Once the cause of the issue is found, the reaction usually fades away. However, most people never look further than the reaction, and so use creams for the rash, psychotherapy for the anger, and other non-helpful treatments. But that’s their choice.

For those who are becoming more aware, looking beyond the obvious becomes more common and more helpful. And it can also lead them to greater understanding as to why they keep repeating the same behavior, or dating the same type of person when it never works out, etc.

So, yes, for some people, knowing the past life can help them understand and live a better current life. For others, it’s not yet an option because they don’t want to interfere with the experiences they’re currently having…even if they are having bleed through reactions.

You can read more about past lives and the types of experiences that we choose in the award-winning books, “All About Auras,“Escorting the Dead,” and “Choices.”

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Finding the Key to Real Magic

According to Dean Radin, science needs to come to terms with the fact that the world is more than just what we can see and measure. However, science still holds a very rigid materialistic view of the world. Unfortunately most of the solutions we need to make the world a better and more peaceful one exist outside that rigid structure and viewpoint.

Dean Radin, author, physicist, philosopher, and lead scientist at the Noetic Institute, uses his books and research to explain how our minds and matter interact. He calls this interaction “real magic,” which is also the title of one of his newest books.

It was as part of the Stargate program that Mr. Radin first discovered how our minds can interact with matter. It’s also when he realized that it would be necessary to look beyond the rigid structures imposed by classical science and physics to find the answers we need to improve life and society.

Mr. Radin has worked with people who have shown a variety of psychic abilities including telepathy, remote viewing, foretelling, psychometry, and clairvoyance. These experiences combined with his quantum physics and psychology expertise gave him the awareness and insight to explore and gain a greater understanding of how the world really works.

Joining the Noetic Science Institute and using his newly born non-materialistic viewpoint of the world, has allowed him to reach out to others who also have a greater awareness of how the world really works.

In an interview with Deepak Chopra they cover a variety of topics, including our need to understand that every thought we think creates our reality. It’s what Real Magic is.

They also explore the topic of death and how it isn’t really the end of life. Deepak speaks about how we need to grow our awareness so that we’re no longer afraid of life, and by extension, death. Because death is only a change in how we see and experience the world.

Both of these award-winning authors speak to the same concepts you’ll find in my own award-winning books, Escorting the Dead and Choices.

You can read my books to learn what awaits between lives, or you can read my All About Auras books or Mr. Radin’s books to see how to gain more awareness from science-based views.

To see the interview between Mr. Dean Radin and Deepak Chopra, click here.

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Quora Question:

Has any soul ever gotten to a better place after death, even if they lived bad lives? Can we be forgiven after death?

The only forgiveness needed to enable you to enjoy the afterlife is your own. No matter how bad you think your life is or was, once you die it’s all good. You are the one who judges whether your previous existence was “good” or “bad.” You’re the one who will decide what (if any) part of the life needs to be done again.

We all decide based on what we wanted to experience or learn as to whether we were “successful” or not.

Gaining a lot of material things is not necessarily a success, nor is gaining a lot of Likes or Followers. Success is experiencing and learning and living. That may mean merely getting by, or it may mean experiencing everything that Earth has to offer. It’s different for everyone.

And what you experience in the afterlife is also up to you. If you feel you need to experience a type of hell, then Wham!. There it is in all its fiery glory for you. If you believe you need to punished for a “bad” life, then there you go. If you think that you deserve a glorious heaven with golden gates and glittery crowns and angel wings, then that’s available, too. You get to decide what your life and your afterlife (or between lives) experiences will be.

It’s all up to you and the choices you make.

For more information on the choices we make between lives and how the afterlife affects us, read the award-winning books “Escorting the Dead” and “Choices.”

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World Shifting

I love reading Ms. Cynthia Larson’s articles. Even if you don’t fully agree with her insights into quantum physics and metaphysics, they should still make you take another look at our world and how it works.

After all, what do we really know? Sometimes it’s as if we’re nothing but ants in a world so huge and all-encompassing that we can only see one small portion of it. What if we’re not seeing the whole elephant, but only the trunk?

We might never realize or understand the full breadth of our surroundings and how it functions until we can expand our outlook. And that’s what Ms. Larson’s articles help us do.

Her articles make you take another look at the world and utter that magic phrase, “What if?” So take at look at her latest article while keeping that magic phrase in your mind and see if you don’t start looking at the world with a new (slightly broader) perspective.

Want to jump into another world? Maybe you already have! by Cynthia Larson

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Murder and the Soul

Quora Question:

When a person is being murdered, does the soul exit before the person experiences much pain and horror? Did the victim make a soul contract for this act to balance karma?

When a soul vacates the body is up to the soul. Some souls remain in the body so that they can experience the pain and horror of dying by murder, torture, or a painful illness. However, after several dozen or more of those types of experiences, most souls opt to step aside, that is step outside the body and observe things that way.

As for whether a murder results in an imbalance depends on how the participants handled the scenario. If there was no agreement for the murder, then there is automatically an imbalance created because the one murdered was denied the life they chose to live.

If there was an agreement to be a murder victim, and the murderer makes it more horrific, more drawn out, or more painful than agreed upon, then an imbalance is created.

If the murderer simply does what was originally agreed upon, then no imbalance is created and everyone gains the experiences they wanted and moves on to other lives.

Everything about life and the afterlife is what we choose to make it. If we want to experience being a victim of some violence, then we work it out with another soul who wants to be the perpetrator of the violence. If we want to be the perpetrator, then we understand that the consequences of our actions are primarily what we will be experiencing, whether that be death (retribution), incarceration, or nothing (getting away with it).

Everything is available for us to experience, we just have to choose what we want.

For more information regarding death, life between lives, afterlife, and making choices for our next lives, read the award-winning books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Choices.”

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Who do You Choose?

Quora Question: Are the people you meet in this life, in your past life? Can I get a different family in the next life?

Most of the people you meet most of the time will be people from previous lives that you’ve known. However, sometimes we decide to shake up our lives and invite new people into our plays and dramas. This way we’re always expanding our experiences and gaining new insights and dimensions to our learning.

But it’s all up to us how we arrange things. If we want to spend every life with the same folks over and over, then we’ll arrange that. If we want to spend our lives with new folks every time, then we’ll arrange that. It’s always up to us how much we want to change our circumstances from life to life, including how much we change who we want to interact with.

As to what family you join, you can be in any family you wish to. Once you’re between lives, you work it out with those you want to incarnate with as to who will be in what role. If you don’t wish to incarnate with your “usual group,” then you’ll find another group that you want to try and ask them. If they accept your request, then you’ll mix it up with them the next time around.

Everything is up to us. The where, when, who, and how is all up to us. We choose, we decide, and then we live it. However, even if you’re unhappy with your current family, the thing to remember is that you chose that family for a reason. It may be that their personalities are the impetus you need to push you to make the changes you did or will do in this life. Or it could be that the filters (personalities) they chose for this life have so altered their outlook that they are no longer the soul you made the agreements with and that’s a lesson, too.

We make choices and then we live those choices. Sometimes the choices work out, sometimes they don’t. But they all lead us through a life of experiences that we wouldn’t have gotten any other way. And that’s really what life is about.

So, long answer short…sure, you can change groups if you still want to once you move on.

For more information regarding between life periods and choosing lives, read the award-winning books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Choices” by TA Sullivan.

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If you’re searching for enlightenment, relaxation, or just want to know more about meditation, Zen, and other similar topics, then these books are for you.

Mastering Meditation

Check out the award-winning Mastering Meditation, a simple guide to meditation.

This quick, but thorough guide is sure to have just the right type of meditation technique for you. Inside you’ll find an explanation of what meditation is and the differences between the various styles.

This easy-to-read book covers mindfulness, relaxation, and visualization techniques. However, if sitting still for more than ten minutes is difficult for you, it also offers techniques for meditating while swimming, walking, or even vacuuming the house.


The award-winning books All About Auras and All About Auras Reference Guide explain auras and chakras using a combination of philosophical, spirituality, and scientific references. Coming at the topic from these three aspects it’s easy to grasp the concepts and reality of what to many is a very sketchy topic.

The reference guide walks you through exercises to help you sense your own bio-energy field. It also helps you balance the tones that make up your unique and individual energy field.


This may not be a long book, but it provides everything a beginner needs to start finding inner peace.

The organization of the book is clear and straightforward, and the addition of an index (in this case, called “Resources”) enables the reader to continue their self-education if they wish to.

The author’s writing style is smooth, friendly, and easy going, which makes the material engaging and enjoyable. I also found the use of short anecdotes helpful in illustrating the points being made.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and entertaining introduction into the world of Zen Buddhism, then I recommend this book.

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Accidental Homesteading — A Great Gift for the Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching, and books are always make great gifts and stocking stuffers…

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Fantastic, Award-Winning Book!

Accidental Homesteading


Andi H. Koenig

Book Synopsis:

A poignant and raw memoir of human ingenuity and hope. Two sisters, blindsided by sudden and severe allergies to—well, everything—go to extreme lengths to survive and thrive. Even if that means going on an adventure they never dreamed of: like being so far off grid that the city promised them that it would never run power or maintain roads out that far; or, trusting passive solar heating as their only heat source—in an area where winters reach -20 F (-28 C).

This is a modern tale of building a life with little more than 1880s creature comforts, a dab of humor, a dash of resourcefulness, and a whole lot of stubbornness! This is my memoir notebook of homesteading stories, recording an insane adventure of off-grid survival in a hostile landscape. But it is also about the trials and errors of facing allergies, coping with PTSD, and trying to build a better life for myself in the midst of the bizarre circumstances life has thrown my way.

Recommendation: YES!

My Review:

I volunteered to be one the author’s advance reviewers and I’m so glad I did. I’ve shied away from reading memoirs because so many of them are extremely poorly done. But imagine one that is as good as any of your favorite novels. That’s what this book is like, a favorite novel, only it’s real. It really happened.

Ms. Koenig’s ability to weave a narrative is amazing I was pulled into the story of her and her sister from the moment I started it, and it was one of the most enjoyable roller-coaster rides I’ve ever taken.

The author draws you into her life and keeps you there with her winning style and incredible story. I found it to be part mystery (will they ever succeed in their quest for health and a somewhat normal life?) and part thriller (with deadlines looming, will they make it?). But through it all ran the author’s infectious and (sometimes) irreverent humor and wit, which made the overwhelming nature of her and her sister’s predicaments more bearable and less tragic—at least for us, the readers.

I felt as if I were right there with them on the Wyoming plains trying to create a house and home out of nothing more than a tent and a shed and with little more than ingenuity, cleverness, and determination. Their ability to use how-to videos and creative thinking to put together a safe (and one hopes) healthy home was amazing.

The only thing I disliked about the book was that it ended. I was so invested in their lives by the time I reached the end of the book that I missed them when it was over. It felt like when your good friends move away and you no longer get to see or visit with them all the time.

So, if you have an afternoon to share with some interesting and unique people, pick up a copy of Accidental Homesteading. It’s a fantastic book.

& & & & & &

This book is so good it was just given one of IM Light Publishing’s Superior Non-Fiction Writer’s Award of Excellence…Kudos to the author!

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Award Submission for Non-Fiction Books

If you’re an author of non-fiction books, then you want to check out this post from IM Light Publishing.

They make it easy to become an award-winning author. Just follow the guidelines to get your book reviewed.

There’s a charge for entering, I won’t lie. But I imagine it costs money to reimburse the reviewers for their time. But it’s a small amount to pay for the title of award-winning author.

So, check it out…

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