From Self-Isolation to Adventure

This coronavirus self-isolation has us all going a bit stir crazy. Yet, it’s the perfect time to catch up on that reading you keep telling yourself you’re going to do.

There are all those classics you never got around to reading–you know the ones I mean, “Little Women,” “Of Mice and Men,” and “In the Garden of Good and Evil.” Then there are all those guilty pleasure books, the ones filled with gratuitous sex and violence, such as the Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler or the 007 books by Ian Flemming.

Or perhaps you prefer something more factual, I have a host of non-fiction books you can select from including my newest ones:  “All About Auras” and the companion “All About Auras Reference Guide,” which is full of exercises to keep you and friend busy for hours as you explore your inner being and the paranormal realms.

And if you prefer fantasy novels, I have those, too. Just grab a copy of “The Starstone” and the sequel “The Globe of Souls” and set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

There are a myriad of independent authors with novels that appeal to whatever your taste, from paranormal to horror, from science fiction to self-discovery. Take a look at the cover images I included, choose a book, and read yourself away from self-isolation into a brand new exciting world.

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It’s 2 Books in 1 — An eBook and Audio Book


LAST YEAR I did a survey to discover which medium my readers preferred:  ebooks, real books, or audio books. Two-thirds picked printed words over audio. This made me happy…and frustrated. Happy, because I felt vindicated in not forking over $2500 to have any of my books made into an audio book. Frustrated, because I knew I wasn’t reaching at least a third of my potential audience with my books.

Life intervened, as life often does, and the worry over whether I was missing out on part of my audience was overshadowed with more immediate concerns. But now, with my focus fully back on my books (writing and marketing), I again faced that seemingly monumental and costly task of reaching those potential readers who preferred to be read to.

Yet, fortunately for me, technology took some giant leaps while I was busy. I discovered that Alexa (Amazon’s electronic assistant) and Siri (Apple’s electronic assistant) will both read out loud to you, all you have to do is ask. And before you dismiss that as just another text-to-speech robo-voice reading in a monotonous and electronic voice, take a listen to the video I’ve included.

While Alexa is a synthesized voice, it’s not nearly as robotic as previous text-to-speech readers. Is it as good as a human narrator? I’d venture to say in some cases she’s better, and in other cases, not so great. I’ve heard some good human narrators and I’ve also encountered some fairly awful ones. Now, maybe I’m not the best judge of audio book narrators, since I’m someone who prefers printed words over spoken ones. But, I do know what I like and what I don’t.

So, having discovered this alternative to human narrators, I have to ask again: is it worth $2500 (minimum) per book to hire a human narrator to create an audio book, when I can simply include instructions (which are very simple) for people to have their electronic assistant read the book to them? Take a listen and tell me what you think…


Instructions for Amazon Alexa:

If your ebook is on your Home shelf, just say:  “Alexa, read [book title].”

If your ebook isn’t on your Home shelf, go to your Books shelf. Then say, “Alexa, read [book title].”

Instructions for Apple’s Siri:

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech.

Turn the Speak Screen function On.

Open the book you want Siri to read and do one of the following:

Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen and Siri will read the text displayed on the screen.

Ask Siri to “Read Screen” and Siri will read any text that’s currently displayed, no matter what app you’re in.

To keep the story from being interrupted if your device goes into sleep mode:

Go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock.

Ensure Auto-Lock is set to Never. (For security purposes, be sure to turn Auto-Lock back on when you take a break from your book.)

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So, Which Character Do You Want to Be?

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ALL AUTHORS NEED reviews. And you don’t need to be a professional blogger, reporter, or reviewer to write them. All you need be is a reader.

If you’ve read an author’s work, then give them a review. And if you’re unsure of how to write that review, then here’s a link to an article that can help you:  Bobbing Around — How to Write a Review by Dr. Bob Rich.

Word of mouth is the best marketing tool that an author can get, so collecting reviews becomes an important “hobby” for them. In fact, collecting reviews is akin to collecting coins or stamps and worth just as much, if not more (at least to the author). Without reviews and word of mouth, an author is simply a writer sitting in a dark room writing for an audience of one…themselves.

So, take a moment and read about how to write a review, and then do an author a favor and let them add your review of their book to their collection. They’ll love you for it. In fact, they may love you so much, they’ll even name one of their characters after you.


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All About Auras is Here!

My new award-winning book is now available! (Well, actually it’s two books–an informational text about auras and chakras, and a reference guide filled with exercises and meditations to help you learn the secrets your aura contains.)

All About Auras and the All About Auras Reference Guide are available separately or as one large ebook. The combined ebook set is called, All About Auras Duo.

If you purchase the books separately, they’re available as black & white or color paperbacks or as ebooks.

No matter which form you buy them in, you’ll be glad you did!

So, find out what secrets are hiding in your aura using my award-winning books, All About Auras and  All About Auras Reference Guide.


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It’s Real…Really

Slide2WHATEVER YOU CALL it, Reiki, Bio-energy healing, energy manipulation, or just plain hoo-doo, it all comes down to the same thing…the ability to positively affect the energy field and well-being of another.

Reiki shouldn’t work; by any logical thought process, it just shouldn’t work. But you know what? It does. Long before I became a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I was an unwitting recipient of Reiki (energy) healing.

I had been in a minor fender bender—someone speeding through the parking lot where I work had broadsided my car and caused pain and minor muscle injury to my lower back. I had told my friend about the incident before heading off to the class I had that night. Although, I hurt, and aspirin was barely cutting through the pain, I needed to take my final exam if I wanted to complete the course.

During the exam, I started feeling a pocket of heat at the point of pain in my lower back. Soon that pain melted away, and I felt refreshed and energetic. I felt like I could conquer the world. By the time I finished the exam, the pain was completely gone, as if it had never been.

When I got home I called my friend and he admitted to concentrating his healing energies at my back. I told him it had worked, and my back felt wonderful. Now my friend had commented once that he had been able to cure his girlfriend’s cold by focusing his energies on her, but I hadn’t believed him. (Not that I thought he was lying, he believed what he was saying) but I didn’t believe in someone being able to manipulate someone’s auric energies in that way. But from that day on, I was convinced that energy healing was real.

And while it’s not easy to explain scientifically, it does work. In fact, it’s making such inroads as to be available in many American medical facilities. Read the Atlantic article by Jordan Kisner. And check out my award-winning books “All About Auras” and the “All About Auras Workbook.” Or if you prefer, you can buy them together as one ebook, “All About Auras Duo.”

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“About Auras”…Better than a Mood Ring

SEVERAL PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES purport to capture a person’s aura on film. And while the debate as to whether these methods are real or merely a way to make money continues, I’m offering my view (and a snippet of information from my upcoming book on auras).

Kirlian Photography

One method of auric photography is Kirlian photography. Kirlian photography, or the study of stimulated electro-photonic emissions around the human body and other objects supposedly capture imags of the person’s or object’s aura. However, most experiments involving Kirlian photography and living tissue (such as finger tips and hands) have shown that the emanations and the variations in the coronal discharge streamer length, density, curvature and color can be accounted for by the moisture content on the surface of and within the living tissue.

Modern Mood Rings

But Kirlian isn’t the only person to pursue the chance to capture auras on film. In the mid-1980’s, an entrepreneur, Guy Coggins, created a method to capture a person’s aura using two bio-feedback sensors and a camera with Polaroid film.

The overall process is a two-stage double exposure portrait. The first exposure makes a straight Polaroid portrait of the person. Then, during the second part of the process, the subject places each hand on one of the bio-feedback receptors. These receptor boxes supposedly measure the person’s electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points corresponding to energy channels in the body. An attached data box then converts the energy readings into frequencies that match up with certain preprogrammed colors. These preprogrammed colors are then superimposed as color clouds over the Polaroid portrait.

On his website, Mr. Coggins clarifies that “[the AuraCam] does not photograph the actual aura. There’s nothing that exists which can do this.” Legal statements on his website go on to define the scientific uselessness of the product.

Therefore, in reality, his product should be considered more of an entertainment product, much like the Ouja board is considered a game and is sold in toy stores.

The colors Mr. Coggins ascribed meanings to and programmed into his application have no basis in fact, as he has no first-hand knowledge of the auras and what they look like and, it appears that he didn’t take the time to find someone who could.

As technology keeps advancing, other similar products have continued to surface. There are now several applications that will “…capture your aura and display it on your computer.”

Using a computer camera and one or more bio-feedback sensors that you purchase from one of these auric technology vendors, along with the vendor’s software, you can view your aura online. And, if you want a copy, you simply print it on your printer.

According to one such website, “…the [bio-sensor] handplate measures your electrodermal temperature and heart energy. The data is then processed and displayed as emotional responses as well as your state of being. The image that appears on the screen is a representation of your Aura. It changes in relation to emotional, mental or physical fluctuations occurring within the person.”

Or, to simplify, they have taken the mood ring digital.

Again, all of these tech items are programmed to display certain colors based on the creator’s whim. There is no science behind any of it and (it appears) no one who can actually see or sense a person’s auras contributed to the programming or development of any of these products.

So, other than providing amusement and entertainment, they actually state that they offer no actual benefit or insight to your auras, chakras, or spiritual well-being. Yet, people continue to purchase them or sell the results of using them as if they were the “real deal.”



Yet, rather than waste money on these games, people should simply teach themselves to sense or view their own auras through meditation and self-awareness. In fact, I will be publishing a book next week that will show you how. All About Auras and its companion workbook will give you the skills and techniques you need to be able to sense and see auras, and without paying someone hundreds of dollars for a parlor game. So, watch for it it’s coming out in one week:  All About Auras by TA Sullivan.

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All About Auras Coming Soon

Be on the look out! My new book is coming in about a week.


My new book, All About Auras, is coming out in just another week!


Use my new books to learn to sense, see, and heal auras. You can learn all about what auras have to tell you about your past lives, and what others are thinking or feeling. It’s easy if you just use the book “All About Auras” and accompanying workbook.

You’ll be able to buy the 2 books separately as ebooks or paperback, or you can buy the 2 ebooks as one.

The “All About Auras Duo” ebook contains both books together.

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