Escorting the Dead – Books by TA Sullivan

Mastering Meditation

Do you want to know more about meditation? Do you need help in finding just the right type of meditation for you? Read this award-winning book and choose the meditation that’s just right for you.

The Past Rekindled

Finding love is the last thing on Terra McGinley’s mind as she divides her time between writing how-to procedures and escorting souls to the astral plane. But when one of her tran’zr charges contacts Terra and her new partner for help, they encounter Death, who has his own plans for Terra. Now she must decide who she can trust with her life and her heart – past love or new partner?

The Starstone

Thrust into the search for the pieces of the starstone, Neerah and Joelnar find themselves evading not only Lord Darkwind, but also the Guardians of Starfall—religious zealots who believe that only Neerah’s death can save their world. With the advice of the mysterious Ethereals to guide her, Neerah struggles to retrieve the pieces of the starstone and save Danaria from the darkness that threatens her world.

The Globe of Souls

A way must be found to release the souls imprisoned by Darkwind in the Globe of Souls. The key may lie in one of the long-forgotten cities of the Ol’Dans—the old Danarians and original inhabitants of the planet. An unlikely alliance is formed with the Aerisens—childlike beings who dwell in Llanfayria, but whose wisdom and insights are as astute as the Ethereals.

However, unbeknownst to the companions, a gateway between worlds was partially opened when Neerah tried to destroy the Starstone. The demon on the other side of the gateway, is intent on breaking through to Danaria, and he is seeking the power from the Globe of Souls to help him.

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