A Charming Chalk

6005--bearswithbasketWhile walking in the dovey dark

I heard the song of the wooden ark.


Then gazing up at the pecan pie

I saw some lisping crowds go by.


The blowing of the knobby knees

started swaying the cheddar cheese;


and as the perfect pun slipped west

I headed for my comb to rest.


Two Streams





              Two                            streams

          gently                          flowing

      on their                                own. Th

         ey cross,                             they tou

              ch, then                    contin

                 ue sepa           rate and

                alone.       Two strea

                ms   flowing, they

                    join as one;

                     now a river

                      has begun.

               So, the blending

        of each heart, brings

   together lives apart.

   In gentle strength

         with love entwin                                                   

               ed, two souls, two

                 halves, now one c

               ombined. A special

           pairing, filled with lo

        ve, and kissed with bles

           sings from above.