What do your dreams mean?

Dreams have always had special meaning to me. Ever since I can remember, dreams have brought messages—messages of hope and warning, introductions to lessons coming up in my life, and opportunities. They’ve also brought “conversations” from loved ones no longer “living” (in the physical world) and from those I call guides and guardians.

Many of the messages come from myself—many of the warnings, opportunities, lessons and encouragements. But many others come from those no longer physical. Answers to questions can sometimes come from self, but other times are most definitely from someone else. Warnings and lessons also come others as well as myself.

Last night the dream remembered, at first, seemed bizarre and with little point. It seemed more like a moving rendition of a Dali painting than as anything meaningful and full of insight. Yet because I’ve had many lives spent understanding and interpreting dreams (both for myself and others) I could see the relationship of the symbols to my life almost immediately.

Do I always understand my dreams quickly, seeing the connection between the symbols and actions to my current life? No, but I’d say that 80 to 85% of the time I do. Last night the dream was of me and my father. We were standing next to a wooden framework that he had built. He wanted help moving it to another location, but every time I touched a piece of it or tried to pick it up, it came apart. I was being extremely careful because I respected my father’s work, but even so, the framework simply fell apart. It was as if the parts were weakened and could no longer take any amount of stress or pressure.

My brother (the oldest one) suddenly appeared yelling and angry, telling me that I didn’t care enough. Meanwhile, my father just seemed sadly resigned, standing and watching without interceding at all. Finally, I just laid the broken pieces down and walked away. I wasn’t exactly angry; it seemed as if I was more unwilling to argue with my brother, and couldn’t think of a way to do as my father wanted without causing more harm, so I simply walked away.

What the heck could that possibly mean, you puzzle? Well, to me it’s simple…

My father’s true self is requesting help moving from one reality (plane of existence) to another. His body (the framework) is falling apart, and he no longer desire to remain here (in the physical world). My brother, however, doesn’t want to lose Dad, so he won’t let go. He clings to my father “protecting” him. Yet my father doesn’t want “protection”, he wants release. But this is not my “fight”. This is something that my dad needs to work out with my brother. So, although my dad has “asked” me to help, there’s nothing I can do until he and my brother work through their opposing goals—my father’s to move on, my brother’s refusal to let him go.

This isn’t the first such dream I’ve had where someone has contact me on an astral level because they can’t “say” what they want or need to in the physical world. When I was 14 I was rather close to one of my uncles (he taught me photography and gave me my first camera—a black, box camera). For 2 nights in a row I had the same dream:

My uncle was leaving the house, saying goodbye to my aunt. I knew he was on his way to work—not because anyone said anything, but just because I knew. He had on his uniform (he worked for one of the airlines) and was walking across their front yard toward the driveway. The dream faded and now he was walking across the tarmac at the airport. He was headed towards a large jumbo jet that was sitting on the tarmac. Suddenly, the plane exploded, bursting into flames, it obliterated my uncle.

The third night the dream came again, but the ending changed. Instead of waking up as the plane exploded and my uncle was killed, my uncle walked out of the flames smiling and telling me that everything was fine. As he kept telling me that everything was all right, I noticed the brilliant glow that surrounded him. At first I thought it was the light from the flames, but I soon realized that the burning plane was no longer in sight. It was just my uncle standing in a gray mist, smiling and surrounded by a brightening glow. The glow grew brighter until I couldn’t see my uncle at all, just the light. But I heard his voice quite clearly. He said, “I’m all right now. Tell Toni that I love her, and remember that I love you, too.” (Toni was my aunt.)

I didn’t fully understand everything I saw and heard back then, but I did understand that he had died. So it was no surprise when my mom woke me in the morning to tell me that my uncle had died of a massive coronary that morning. (His heart burst, hence the exploding plane.)

Last year I got another “message”, only this time it was someone who needed help (advice). The message came for 3 consecutive nights, but because this time I was an adult with more understanding of what was happening, the message didn’t come through as some warped, Dali-like dream image. This time the message came through almost direct. In the morning I went to a particular website, one I had never been to, though I had heard of it, and posted a message. I got about a dozen replies, but only one was from the person I was “waiting” for. The energy in the message was exactly the same as that which had come through the astral encounter.

I gave this person what help I could, but the important point is that I recognized the call for “help” and knew how to respond. You see, I learned early on to listen to my dreams. Sometimes they’re just me talking to me at a time/point when ego is vulnerable and so more apt to listen. But sometimes it’s someone just wanting to say goodbye or seeking advice.

As for my father, well, as much as I respect his desires, there’s little I can do. I know he’s tired, and the body is frail and “breaking down”. But he and my brother need to work through their opposing needs. Until then, I’ll just keep monitoring my dreams…

(For more about dreams and dream symbols, see the free book Michael’s Dream Symbols.)


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