Planing Again

I’ve been planing again lately, and that makes my dreams very stressful. So stressful in fact, that I wake up almost more tired than when I went to bed. Usually my dreams are prompts to help me solve some problem or answer some question from my day-to-day life. (I’m sure most of us can think of at least one dream that has helped us resolve some issue or some question.)

I’m speaking of the types of problems or questions that prey on the mind, that keep you tossing and turning until suddenly you wake up one morning just knowing exactly what you need and want to do. You may not remember the dream details that prompted your decision (and some people will claim that never dream at all), but sometime during the night you gained the insight you needed to make the best choice for you at this particular time and place in your life.

But the “dreams” I’ve been having lately are planing dreams. (Planing is what I call the traveling I do between planes—the physical plane and the astral planes; primarily the transitional plane, the astral plane closest to the physical.) Planing dreams aren’t really dreams, though they do occur at night while my body is sleeping. But planing dreams are actually memories – little snippets of memory from places you’ve been and things you’ve done or said while your body slept.

Planing is actually a type of out of body experience. The energy that is you, sometimes called essence, sometimes called a soul, travels at night. But even though it leaves the physical form and goes off on its own ‘adventures’, it still remains connected to the physical body. Because of this connection, the physical mind receives input as to what the soul is doing, seeing, saying. However, not everyone is willing to accept this input. Some will block it completely (the same way they block all dreams). Some filter it so that it becomes very dreamlike and unreal (the information their mind receives is so far outside their frame of reference, that they eliminate those parts that they can’t accept).

For many people, planing is too frightening and so they adjust the information to something acceptable. This is fine; it’s the way everyone adapts and grows. As each person grows, life after life, they will filter this information less and less, until, like me, they barely filter it all.

What does that mean? It means that most of what I do when planing comes through to me and is often remembered once I awaken. It also means that any problems I encounter, any stresses that I put on myself when out of body are felt by my body even though it is sleeping. So, while I’m home asleep, I’m also off gallivanting around, and many times I’ll wake up totally unrested.

Most of the time when I’m planing, I’m helping other people cross between planes. Some of these people are dying, so I escort them from the physical plane and their dead or dying bodies to the astral planes where they can decide what it is they want to do next. Sometimes, I escort a soul from the astral planes to the physical where their new body is waiting for them. Other times, I plane myself or others to the astral planes where we work on emotional lessons that we can’t do while in the physical world.

Maybe someone chose to resolve an issue through violence, but already they realize how foolish that was. So, with my help they plane to the astral levels and we recreate the situation and they try to find other resolutions. This can take one night, or many, but each time I bring them across, I create the situation, I supply the participants, and we play out the scene until they feel they understand the full consequences and ramifications of every choice and every possible resolution.

All of these come through to me while my body is resting, and all of these activities drain me so that when I awaken in the mornings I feel as if I’ve had no sleep. But despite the stress, despite the tiredness that comes from all these midnight wanderings, I relish the opportunities to help all of these people. I relish the opportunity to plane ‘home’ and visit with my astral family, and I look forward to the day when I can plane across and stay there.


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