“Knowing” or Supposing

“Knowing” is a movie starring Nicholas Cage as a desperate father in the last of days. Here’s the premise: 50 years ago a girl has premonitions of all sorts of disasters occurring from her time forward until they culminate in a worldwide disaster. Using a code, she writes up her premonitions and puts them in her school’s time capsule, which is opened 50 years later.

Nicholas Cage’s son receives the envelope with her predictions in them and Nicholas Cage manages to unscramble the code. When he realizes that there are only 4 premonitions left and they will all occur within the next few weeks, he tries to intervene. However, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop any of them. Is it fate, destiny, or God’s wrath?

In despair and knowing the end is near, he lets the angels–or are they aliens?–come and take his son (who is about 8 or 9) and his playmate (a girl of about 10), along with other pairs of kids away from Earth so that they can survive the end of the world. The alien/angels place these kids on a some other planet, and blithely go away, their good deed done, the human race saved. The Earth is destroyed, and all ends happy with the kids rescued.

While interesting, I found this movie wrong on so many levels. It disturbed me badly all night long, yet not for the reasons you would think. My first problem with this movie is why would the aliens (or angels) bother to tell someone about piddly occurrences where 50, 100’s, 1000’s, or 100k’s of people were to die when the whole world is going to die within 50 years? I mean what’s the point? Aren’t the people of these other disasters the lucky ones? After all, they don’t have to go through the end of days, because they’ve already moved on to some other plane of existence.

The second problem and the biggest issue, I have with this film is the removal of the kids. Why take just the kids, and especially kids from technological countries and drop them in the middle of nowhere on a strange planet? They can’t survive on their own. These kids have no idea where or how to survive without PCs, microwaves, and fridges. They also need love and support, but there are no parents for them, nor adults, and no aliens/angels either. They’ve been abandoned on some strange world, left alone to fend for themselves. Those that don’t waste away from fear, homesickness, or emotional disturbances, will probably turn into frightful savages.

This, to me, isn’t a hopeful and happy ending, it’s a nightmare. I feel sorriest for the children. Why would someone think that these poor 2 through 10 year olds could possibly make it on their own on some strange planet. It doesn’t matter if the planet has hostile animals or not, it still has a climate, it still has no built-in fridges or pre-built homes. These are unskilled, abandoned kids…this is cruelty at it’s worst.

If the rapture actually occurred, I would hope that the families would be taken together to supply the love, guidance, and support that the kids would need. And if the rapture is really aliens transporting people off the planet before it’s destroyed, then I would hope that they’d have enough intelligence to realize that just dropping pairs of kids off on another planet is not a solution. Sure, some of the kids might survive, but at what cost?

I would hate to imagine what would happen to those poor kids without someone (even an alien/angel) to soothe their nightmares, ease their anxieties, or kiss their boo-boos.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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