Can you hear it…?

Lately, I’ve been trying to cope with the silence of my dreams. With my dreams being mute, I feel as cut off as anyone who has ever experienced a major blackout. There is no light, no information (no radio or TV), no communication (no phone—landline or cell), just empty blackness and silence.

Each night I have gone to bed asking for guidance, some message, some insight or information that would help me figure out how to cope with some of the situations in my life, and each night my response has been an overpowering silence.

All my life I’ve used the same process of asking for insights, and while there have been times when the answers weren’t welcome, or my emotional state was too chaotic to let through a response, I’ve never felt such an overwhelming blank silence before.

I feel as if I’m facing the world with a disadvantage. It’s as if I have cotton wadding stuffed in my ears, pads over my eyes, and a gag over my mouth—at least in relation to knowing about my own life. When it comes to everyone else, I still have all my abilities; I can still “see” everything about their lives, “hear” all their inner voices and cries, and I can still offer them understanding, wisdom, and hope.

But while I’ve provided others with insights, assistance, and guidance; while I’ve helped others work through their issues and life challenges by creating scenarios for them on the transitional plane, and while I’ve planed back and forth helping others say goodbye and finish up their physical lives, there’ve been no messages for me. There has been nothing to help me figure out how to deal with the issues that have been cluttering up my own life,

However, in the midst of all this silence I have made some observations (and just maybe that was the reason for this…just maybe it has helped me discover some small truths for myself). What I have found is that most people who either do not, will not, or cannot listen to their dream voices, continue to wander through their lives, usually hoping to encounter someone who can show them the way, someone who can help them through the maze called life.

Because wandering through the darkness is scary, many people seek out someone to help them, to guide them through the darkness. There are any number of people out there willing to “help”; people who say they are “connected” to or with the “other side”; people who say they are able to show you the way you need to go, people who can speak for your missing dream voice, people with a message.

However, when I really listened to the messages coming from most of these “helpers”, what I discovered is that their communications do not extend beyond the surface of the physical world. If their dreams are speaking to them, they aren’t listening. These people are only trying to fill the silence around them with noise, and for many, that noise is a welcome relief to the silence they have been hearing. So, they follow the noise, and they listen to the message. But soon, some of those that welcomed the noise, begin to realize just how shallow this communication is, and they move on. Others, too afraid of the silence to let go, cling to this noise as to a lifeline.

I have walked through the silence this month, searching for my voice. Each time I encountered someone who would help, I stopped and listened to their messages. However, each time I found the noise more grating than helpful, and I moved on.

I found that I much prefer to wait in the silence, because if I wait in the silence, eventually I will hear the voice of my own dreams. I have to listen very closely, because dreams speak softly (most of the time—they only yell if they have to). Therefore, if I fill the silence with noise, I may never know when my dreams are trying to speak to me; I may never hear the messages that my dreams want me know.

And noise doesn’t just come from outside (from other people). Worry, anxiety, fear, anger, angst, jealousy, frustration, all of these and more create noise. When you fill your head and your heart with these noises, the subtle voice of your dreams can’t compete. Instead, you need to wait in silence, the silence of serenity, the quiet of calmness. But how can you find calmness or serenity when you’re worried about losing your current job or finding a new one, or you’re concerned about whether your spouse is having an affair, or you’re frustrated due to family or monetary issues.

When you’re lost in the storm of emotional noise, that’s when your dreams yell. That’s when your dreams will shout and scream to try to make themselves heard. But if you’re not listening, or if you’re being distracted by someone else’s message, then whatever information your dreams have for you is ignored and lost.

You need to recognize that the silence isn’t scary. You need to see it for the opportunity it is and learn to use that opportunity to listen; to hear what it is your dreams need to tell you. Shhhh…can you hear it? I think it’s whispering to you…listen closely now.

(For more about dreams and what they might be trying to tell you, read Michael’s Dream Symbols.)

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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