What Shape is Your “House” In?

The physical body is the form we wear while here in the reality we call life. It is made by us, for us, and everything we do to it affects us—the entire being that we are. Having a body is like owning a house, and just like a house, if you don’t take care of it, it will fall apart on you. There’s no landlord to call, because you’re not renting. So, if the windows are broken (you need glasses) or the plumbing backs up (gastric distress), you need to do something about it.

It doesn’t matter if you paint the outside of your house (make up and/or clothes) or whether you keep the lawn trimmed (hair cuts). What matters is how well you maintain the house itself.

Many things can affect you and your body, some that you have no control over, or so it seems. After all, is it your fault that the air is full of smog and you can’t breathe properly? Perhaps not completely, but did you do anything to help decrease the smog? Or perhaps you feel that you have no control over the amount of noise you’re subjected to because you live in a big city. However, there are ways to avoid the noise—and moving into a suburb is only of those options.

Now, in some cases you may endure an injury that you truly didn’t have any way to avoid. While rare, accidents do occur, how you take care of yourself and allow yourself to heal plays an important part in how the overall you feels and recovers.

Your body is more than just a temporary shell—it is always a part of you, of the essence that is you. Because even when you die, the energy that you used to create the body you used, is merged back into you so that you can create another form for another life. So, how you feel about yourself and how you value yourself is reflected in how you treat yourself.

Now, my own body has taken some abuse, and many times I feel much older than I am because of the aches and pains. You see. I’ve been in quite a few car accidents and while some may have been avoided, none of them were. While some were chosen directly in an effort to learn a lesson or to set something in motion, others were simply the result of my chief feature—impatience. By allowing impatience to lead, I made some foolish choices, and the results culminated in either auto versus auto, or auto versus bicycle. Either way, my body has taken a lot of physical stress and abuse due to these “accidents”, so now, each time I overextend myself now, it takes longer and longer to recover.

However, it isn’t just my body that suffers, it’s my overall being. Because when my body is that worn out, my energies feel depleted, and my mind is unable to focus or think coherently. So, all-in-all, I simply need to let the whole being rest for a day (or maybe 2 or 3).

It’s hard sometimes, because I’ll get immersed in a project—like putting in a flower bed, painting the living room or removing wall paper from the bedroom in the house we just bought—and once started, I hate to take a break until I get it finished. However, by pushing myself like that, I find myself needing days, sometimes up to a full week, to recover.

Indiana Jones makes the comment, “…It isn’t the years, it’s the miles…” and I agree. If I hadn’t battered my poor body in all of those car accidents by always being in such a hurry, I wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping up now. After all, the things I do aren’t really all that strenuous; it’s just that my body has been so broken and battered, that my energies don’t always flow properly anymore. Therefore, it takes twice as long as it should for me to recover from doing anything.

For more information on health, healing and the physical body try Michael on Health and Healing.


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