I can see it in your eyes…

“Oh, how interesting that your husband used you as his model.”

That was the surprising statement made by the wife of one of my husband’s co-workers the first time they visited our home. They had come for dinner and I was showing her around while the guys were busy doing guy-stuff. As Lisa and I stepped into the living room, she noticed the 5 artworks that my husband had done.

I joined her in looking at the artwork hanging in our living room. Two are pastel sketches of a woman’s face, two are charcoal sketches of different women, and one is a pencil sketch of just a woman’s eyes. I had seen them so often now that I had begun to take them for granted. But as I studied them now, I realized just how arresting they were. Each drawing is definitely a different woman with different features—the tilt of the mouth, the shape of the brow—but each picture had something that just drew you in.

As my eyes went from image to image, Lisa pointed out just what it was that tied them all together. “Look at the eyes,” she said. “They all have your eyes.”

At that the moment, the guys joined us and the conversation veered off of art and onto a myriad of other topics.

After they left, and as I was closing down the house for the night, I stopped for a moment and looked at the pictures. My husband had always told me that he had used photos of models (usually from magazines) to create his works. Yet, looking from one image to the other and studying the eyes, I began to wonder if some little part of him were actually trying to capture the essence of someone he simply hadn’t met yet. Each of the pieces had been done over a 10 year period, a 10 year period prior to our ever meeting—at least on this plane.

You see, although my husband and I had met while working for the same company, I had actually “met him” and “dated him” for years prior to that. We had been meeting in the astral plane since we were teenagers, and while he had always maintained that he didn’t remember anything about any astral meetings, I now wondered. Just because he didn’t consciously recall the meetings, was it so hard to think that he retained at least some portion of these meetings, perhaps at the soul level, which is where most of his drawings come from?

It wasn’t as if he didn’t believe in reincarnation, the astral planes, and the like—he did. But he rarely remembered his dreams, and most of our astral plane “dates” were held during sleep periods, so I never doubted that he didn’t consciously remember them. But I also never doubted that he and I had met there.

Really curious now, I bugged my husband into coming downstairs, and standing in front of this gallery of his art work, I asked him where he had gotten the inspiration for the drawings. He started to give me his pat answer of having just drawn them based on photos he had gotten from magazines and such, but then his eyes wandered to the drawing of the woman’s eyes, and he tilted his head as if thinking. A moment later he said, “I don’t really know, now that I think about it. I think I just had this image in my mind and I just had to get it down on paper.”

I then told him what Lisa had said. At first he poo-poohed the idea, and said he was tired and urged me to come upstairs and go to bed. But as he turned away, he paused and turned again to the pictures and then to me.

With a shrug and a smile, he said, “You always swore we met before we met; maybe we did.”

I let it go, and followed him upstairs, but I still wonder about those drawings. I believe we follow each other from life to life. I also believe that when two people are as close as my husband and I that we don’t need to be physical to meet and discuss and enjoy each others company. My spouse and I have shared a multitude of lifetimes together; not every single one, but enough of them to be comfortable together. We slipped together like old friends once we met. I believe that’s because we’ve spent so much time together – both in the physical and non-physical planes.

We’ve spent so much time together that there is no longer any need for masks between us. We’ve seen the worst of each other and the best, and now we just accept each other for who and what the other is. There is no pretense, there is no me, there is only us and we.

Oh that doesn’t mean that we can’t still hurt each other—we both have feelings, we both have goals. But mostly we have each other, and that means more to us than anything else. We truly are 2 as 1, for one without the other is incomplete. One without the other is emptiness. When I do readings as to what path I should take, and do a reading as to his path, they always come out identical. We are not separate beings on separate but parallel paths, we are two beings sharing one life and one path.

We’re the couple that you see finishing each others sentences. We’re the couple you see holding hands and smiling at nothing. More than that, though, we’re the couple that shares all aspects of life together, whether in the physical or the astral.


7 thoughts on “I can see it in your eyes…

  1. Connection like that between two beings is one in a million. Cherish the love, affection, and closeness. Show us the possibitilies and wonders that await, if not in this lifetime, then the next.


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