Because I’m Entitled to …

The overwhelming drama of it is so wearying and absolutely exhausting. I’m referring to the angst and attitude going on here at work. It’s amazing how one simple (and to me, minor) change in the ways things are to be done can create so much drama.

It started with a meeting announcement. It escalated to a dissatisfied roar and whine. It was pushed along by several more meetings that reiterated the original announcement but did little to disperse the growing discontent and negative energies. More meetings are scheduled, and more negativity will be generated, and meanwhile I simply want to go back and work from home until the entire thing finally calms down.

Personally, I am aghast at how much negativity and drama is being generated by this minor change. I truly believe if there wasn’t such a climate of entitlement in America nowadays, this change would have been announced, set in place, and forgotten. But it seems that most everyone in America feels that someone (lover, parent, child, company, bank, public at large, fans, or everyone else that’s not them) owes them. It seems that each person believes overwhelmingly that they are so special, so absolutely wonderful that they are entitled to whatever it is their little heart desires.

I find this attitude disturbing and not just a little abrasive. The negative energy that this attitude generates hurts—figuratively and literally. It abrades my soul’s energies and leaves my emotions tender and unprotected. It’s as if someone is rubbing sandpaper against my skin until my skin is like raw, bloody meat.

Oh, that’s not to say that I don’t sometimes find the world “unfair”, and that feeling the world unfair, I don’t get sulky and morose. (I think everyone has a blue day once in a while.) However, I have never believed that the world owed me something, and I have certainly never expected the world (or anyone in it) to simply give me what I want just because I said so (and this includes the companies I do and have worked for).

Therefore, finding a way to deal with all this negativity and “because-I’m-entitled” attitude is very difficult for me. I’ve tried reasoning with people, but people who believe they are entitled don’t want to listen to reason. I’ve tried ignoring the situation; however, ignoring the cold, prickly negative energies that the people and the situation generate isn’t quite that easy.

Yet even while I struggle with how to cope with this pervasive and antagonistic attitude, I find that what amazes me the most is the pervasiveness of the attitude throughout the entire country. When did this happen? Where did all these entitled people come from? I truly don’t remember people acting this way when I was growing up.

Oh, I know, that sounds like the whining of one of those old fogey types who insists that the world was so much better when they were younger. Yet in this regard, it was. Sure, some people had more than my family when I was growing up, and sure, my folks might have been upset with how easily some folks seemed to get ahead. Still, I don’t remember them sitting around feeling entitled and cursing the world because it didn’t give them what they thought they should have. Instead, they used whatever skills and energies they had to get they wanted out of life—if they wanted a better job, they searched for, tried out for and eventually got one; if they wanted a bigger, better car, they earned the money for one; if they wanted a house, they saved and scrimped until they could afford one.

I grew up not expecting things to be handed to me, but instead, expecting to have to go out there and get them for myself. Could I make things easier for myself? Sure, I learned early on that if I focused my energies on something first, that getting it was then easier. So, if I wanted a new job, I focused on what type of job I wanted, and maybe even where (what suburb or area of the country), and then I’d go apply for the jobs that materialized in my field at or near the locations I wanted. If I wanted a better or different wardrobe, I focused on that, and eventually I would “know” which stores to go to because they were having unadvertised specials or had the type of clothing I needed or wanted in my size.

So, you could say that I “worked” at getting what I wanted by using my energies to create the path to what it was I wanted at that time—job, clothes, apartment, whatever. It seemed the positive thing to do, the most logical way to achieve what I wanted, and gain what I needed.

Through the years I have perfected this talent of focusing my energies in a positive way, of creating paths to what I want or need without inflicting harm or imbalance on anyone else. But have I been so focused on where I was going and doing that I missed the shifting of America’s energies? When did most Americans decide to use their negative energies to gain what they want? When did they stop moving forward in a positive way and begin projecting their negativity outward while saying “GIMME”?

It’s as if I suddenly found myself in the midst of a nightmare and can’t wake up. I don’t remember a single incident building into a tsunami of GIMMEs—at least that would be somewhat understandable. What I remember is everyone was striving toward their own goals, some in a positive way and some in a negative way, and suddenly just everyone seemed to be standing there with their hands out yelling, “GIMME”.

Did I stumble and miss a step? Was I asleep and, like Rip Van Winkle, awaken in a strange and distant future? When did the people of America become so greedy and so entitled, and how do I find my way out of this frightening, GIMME nightmare, and back to the land of striving in a positive and focused way for what you want, rather than just demanding that it be given to you?

Can’t these people feel the negative energies that they are creating with their GIMME attitude? I know the rest of us that aren’t so focused on the I WANT and the GIMME BECAUSE I’M ENTITLED can feel it, and it hurts. It hurts us; it hurts nature; and it hurts the planet. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this plague of negativity isn’t the biggest cause of global warming. After all, negative energy is cold, prickly and extremely toxic, and if we of the positive energies don’t find a way to break the hold of those who are stuck in the negative, we may find the negative vortex they are creating impossible to break.


4 thoughts on “Because I’m Entitled to …

  1. Sounds like quite a creation you’ve found yourself in! It’s undeniable that this country, and likely the world at large, have fallen into this sense of entitlement. And you seem to be swimming in a sea of anger that people tend to experience when a shift creates change in the status quo.

    If acceptance of that change isn’t forthcoming, the next step for many is despair, defeat and confusion. Confusion is actually good in that it opens the possibility to acceptance of a new way.

    Where I currently work many of the clients we have are past the anger and in the defeat and despair mode.

    Some few strive to accept the new and work to release expectations set by past experience. They are the ones that move forward and often find their situation improved over the old–perhaps not materially, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And they would be the ones that would say–it was all worth it!

    Tas, shield yourself and stay the observer. See what happens as things move forward. They are thrashing out at a changing world, but the world changes anyway.


  2. Well written and expressed. I think this is happening all over the world – I blame governments for spoonfeeding the population and not encouraging free thought. An age old problem……..


  3. I don’t know who or what to blame, or if blame is even necessary. What I do wish is that I could see a clear way to wake people up to how hurtful this pervasive attitude is 😉


  4. I know exactly what you mean about all the negativitiy. When I encounter people like this, I try to “reflect” their negativity back at them.


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