Grab a Cup of Tea and Enjoy…

I’ve been reading three new and interesting blogs lately. (At least I find them interesting, and if you take the time to check them out, I hope you do, too.)

One is a description of life in a small South African village (Slowvelder). The author, Jackie, creates a beautiful and, oftentimes, amusing picture of life in this new (for her and her family) environment. The stories are punctuated with some equally fascinating photos that act like diamonds on a tiara, adding sparkle and shine. Her wit and wisdom bring smiles to my face as she describes some of the pains and pleasures of this new life of hers.

Through her words and stories we can all share in the discoveries and the struggles of starting over. But most of all, her stories show me that no matter who we are or where we live, we all have the same basic values and needs, we all have the same basic struggles in life, and we all need a sense of humor to make it through.

Another blog I’m finding fascinating is Exquisite Transitions. Her quiet insights into the psychology of her own situations has given me a new perspective on my own life. In fact, her latest entry having to do with tax season is witty and clever, and she makes just too easy to picture yourself in the same situation.

The third one that I have begun to read is called the Lightworker’s blog.  She, like me, has the gift of knowing. Also like me, she isn’t afraid to let people know who she is and what she can do. Her blog reveals another perspective on the world I have spent my whole life in, a world of ESP, psychometry, visions,  and planing. We both share a similar knowledge, but because her background is different from mine, she has a different slant on things, and this is what I find so fascinating. My philosophical insights are built on my experiences as well as my readings of Cayce, Jane Roberts, and the Messages from Michaels series, while her insights, which also come from her experiences, seem to extend to some of the more traditional philosophies (Bhuddism, Confucionism, etc.). It is the philosophical differences that help me view things from a different perspective and help me keep my mind open and thinking.

Anyway, I recommend trying any or all of these different story tellers because they can help open your mind, expand your mind, or (most of all) just make you smile. 

So, grab a cup of tea and power up your PC…there’s some interesting reading out there for you.


4 thoughts on “Grab a Cup of Tea and Enjoy…

  1. And I am as deeply honored,wow thank you so much ! We seem to have a little network as I enjoy reading you and Jackie also 🙂 And that blue butterfly above me gets me evetryime,Im going to have to visit Shamballa as well 🙂


  2. Golly Tas – such nice words about my little old blog – Thank you 🙂
    I will head over to Shamballa’s right now – as I already read psychic housewives blog. I agree with your sentiments on her blog – so open honest and true.

    Thanks again


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