This Ol’ House…

I asked for guidance the other night just before falling asleep because I felt as if I were missing something. I felt as if I had been climbing the stairs and missed a step and stumbled.

So, last night the dogs came again, the white one and one of the brown ones. Both were friendly and playful, and seemed genuinely happy to be with me.  With their arrival, the scene around me focused itself, and I found we were back in the tatty ol’ house (see Following the Path of Life). However, there were no feelings of negativity, just feelings of expectation from me, and joyfulness from the dogs.

I finished climbing the stairs to where the dogs were waiting in the third floor corridor. This corridor was dim, more shadow than light, and it didn’t look as if anyone had been there in quite a while.

We headed to the right, and almost immediately on the left was an open door. The room beyond was empty, dusty, with as little light as in the corridor. Both the dogs scampered into and through the room, their tails wagging. I followed, noting a few dust bunnies that skittered away as I walked through.

We were now back in the same corridor we had left, although we had gone out a door opposite the corridor. I looked behind me and realized that we had come miles, and I could no longer see the stairway where I had entered this floor. This part of the corridor was lighter than where we started, and it was nice to be able to see where I was going for a change.

We walked until we came to a three-way junction. The dogs paused and suddenly I wasn’t feeling as assured. I looked toward the dogs as if asking which way, but the white one just sat there with a grin on its face, and the brown one, which was pacing back and forth, never looked at me. Since they were providing no help, I tried to make up my own mind about which way to go.

I looked toward the left path, and it was so dark I couldn’t see anything once the light from the intersection faded away. To the right, the path was lit about the same as where I was standing. However, the path made an immediate left turn and although it seemed as if the light might brighter once it did, I couldn’t really tell much about it because of the sharp turn. I peered down the corridor straight ahead and I saw miles and miles of the same corridor I’d been traveling. There were lots of doors, some open, some closed, but the light level didn’t appear to change.

I looked down at the dogs, who were both circling me now, and the white one whimpered at me and looked straight ahead, while the brown one sat, his nose in the air as if scenting for something. Obviously, it was up to me to choose. I looked straight ahead, and then I looked right. The dogs hadn’t moved, so I struck out toward the right.

The dogs raced ahead as if having a great time. They frolicked with each other and nipped at each other’s heels. I made the sharp turn and found myself back in the main corridor again. However, I was so far down the hallway that I could barely see the junction I was just at moments before.

I came to three doors: one open, one partially open, and one that appeared to have been closed for a very long time. As I stood there, I noticed that the closed door had long streamers of cobwebs in front of it. The dogs stopped and again waited for me to choose. Although I could see lots of light coming through the open and partially open doorways, I found myself reaching toward the closed door.

The dogs, who had been sitting patiently at my feet, sprang up and began dancing excitedly about. I pushed away the cobwebs and opened the door. The brown dog dashed through the door into the brightness. For a moment I was unable to see because the light was so bright. When my eyes adjusted, though, I saw the brown dog lying on the floor, waiting for me to rub his belly. With the white dog beside me, I stepped inside and squatted down next to the brown dog. When I began rubbing his tummy, the white dog started licking my face.

At that moment I awoke with a large grin on my face and an all encompassing feeling of peace and happiness.

Evidently, while I had gotten off the path a bit, my guide and my desires were basically on the same path. And if I continued on that path, I would reach my life’s goal (goals that I, in essence, have established for myself in this lifetime). At one point, I followed desire rather than essence, but evidently it was only a small detour and led me right back to where I needed and wanted to be anyway.

I know that in the past several years, I have begun focusing more on the state of my own being (physical and spiritual) rather than on the dramas of the world at large. I feel as if that journey, that focus, has brought me more insights and more awareness than all the life dramas thus far. I know it has allowed me to start some of the repairs on that neglected ‘building’, and hopefully soon, that ‘building’ will no longer appear so abandoned and forlorn.


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