Although clichés, there are two phrases that (to me) sum up a fundamental truism about people: Everyone is different; never judge a book by its cover.

What those two statements mean to me is that you never know what someone will do in a given situation. You’ll never know why someone reacts the way they do, and no two people will act or react in quite the same way.

This is because unless you can see beneath the surface of someone and know all the major events of their current life and any previous lives that are impacting this current life, you’ll never be able to easily understand why someone acted as they did.

One of my life’s goals has been to try to understand people and their motivations. I read newspapers, watch TV news, and read news items on the web all in an attempt to help me understand people and their motivations.

I’m aided in this by my ability to see that subsurface, to see and know that information that most people aren’t privy to—I can read auras and energies, so I can see what possible incidents in a person’s past might influence them, and I can sense the emotions that were in play at the time (and currently), and I can see what personality filters are impacting their lives. (Personality filters are things like role—there are 7 of them: 3 action-oriented, 3 cerebral, and 1 neutral; attitude, major Achilles heel, goal, centering—and for each there are 7.)

All of this information is written throughout a person’s aura; it’s where you can find the “rest of the story” regarding a person. See, when I look at someone, I see them, but I also see an overlay of information (7 levels of information, actually). I see 7 layers of colors, colors that indicate their emotional health (mood), spiritual health, mental health, physical health, their true self (the role, attitude, mode, etc.), their past lives that are impacting this life, and their current and future possible paths.

That’s a lot of information, but I’ve been seeing all of these layers when I look at people my entire life, so for me it takes only moments to process the “important” pieces like mood, health, and role. The other information comes if I spend time with them, touch them (such as in a hug), or take time to do a reading on them.  And it’s the whole package of information that usually helps me understand someone–I mean really understand them.

How many times have you read an article in the paper or heard something on the radio about some seemingly senseless and random crime and wondered, Why? Why did that person do that? Why did the victim not try to defend themselves? What was the attacker/victim thinking?

But maybe if you could see what I can see in regards to that person, you might find out that the crime wasn’t so random or senseless. That maybe there was an imbalance that was resolved by the crime, or maybe there was an imbalance created. Perhaps there was a lesson being learned by all the people involved. (Did you know that we sometimes choose to be involved in incidents such as robberies, purse snatchings, plane crashes, fires and such either as the victim or the perpetrator so that we can learn? Yep…not every crime is as random as it appears.)

But even with all the information I have at my disposal; even with all the layers of information that each of us provides, I have yet to answer these questions:  How did someone like Pares Hilton become such a celebrity? and Why are reality TV shows such as the Kardashians or the Cake Boss still on TV?

As far as I can tell, the only thing they have in common is that they make a spectacle of people behaving badly, and personally, I get enough of that from everyday life. I really don’t need to watch it on TV (and I don’t), but I really do wish I could read some of the people who do watch these types of things, just so I can figure out why they like them so much. 😉


5 thoughts on “Why?

    1. Hmmm…I would say that my focus and lessons usually pertain to my abilities to see, read, and manipulate energies, and to plane (astral travel) usually as a guide or teacher.

      But your insights inspire me, I love the way you try to help others get in touch with others or themselves. 😉


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