Can you see me now?

I went invisible again this morning. My husband really dislikes it when I do that, especially when I’m driving. This is because when I’m driving and go invisible, people keep trying to occupy the space I and my car are already occupying, and we all know what happens when people start violating that ol’ law of physics thing (no two physical objects can occupy the same space at the same time) – crunch!

I keep telling my husband that it’s not my fault—and it’s not! I mean, if I could control it, believe me, I would. (I mean think of the mischief I could cause if I could control when, how long, and where I could go invisible. And think of all the traffic tickets I could avoid. 😉

All I know, is that sometimes I feel my energies go neutral; they become like a mirror or a chameleon just waiting for someone with a strong auric energy to come into range. When someone like that appears, I become an extension of them; my energies retune themselves to match theirs, and it’s hard to tell where they end and I begin.

Usually this neutrality of energies, this invisibility, occurs when I’m not focused. That means I’m doing something that doesn’t require any great concentration, and my mind flies off on its own journey. Things like driving a route I know by heart, walking, swimming laps, or doing unfocused meditations all lend themselves to my becoming invisible.

What this means in physical world terms, is that when I’m invisible and driving and someone wants to change lanes, they don’t see me. Since my energies match theirs, they overlook me because I become an extension of them rather than a unique individual. And that’s when the law of physics takes over.

Sometimes, I avoid the problem by swerving my car into another lane (if possible), but usually I found that it’s best to assert my individuality by focusing my energies on being in the here and now. Of course, when I do that, the other drivers always end up with expressions of “Where the heck did you come from?” on their faces as they try to figure out how the lane, which appeared empty just moments ago, now has a car in it.

Because I mostly noticed this occurring when I was driving, I put it down to just bad drivers, half-asleep drivers, and such. However, once my attention was drawn to these occurrences, I began to realize that driving wasn’t the only time incidents like this happened.

I found that sometimes when I took a seat in a meeting, other people would attempt to sit in the same chair (in my lap, as it were). It was the looks of startlement on their faces when they realized I was there, looks that were so similar to those of the drivers, that clued me into the fact that they hadn’t seen me. I have also walked into a room full of people and had someone go to the person next to me and ask where I was.

When I put all of these clues together, I realized that it wasn’t my imagination, and it wasn’t just tired drivers. Somehow, after I shifted my focus from the here and now while meditating or walking or something, I didn’t necessarily always shift it back completely. So, while I was walking around in this world, I wasn’t really here. My energies had remained in neutral and people were seeing extensions of themselves rather than me.

I’ve tried to recreate this invisibility, this neutral auric energy, deliberately; however, I haven’t quite figured out how. It seems the harder I try, the more it eludes me. Maybe because the harder I try, the more I’m placing myself in the here and now, I don’t know. What I do know is that for right now, it’s more of an inconvenience and a parlor trick. It’s an annoyance that means I always have to be extra careful when I drive or attend meetings. So, the next time you’re on the expressway, and you think the lane is clear, take another look; it just might be me you’re not seeing.


3 thoughts on “Can you see me now?

  1. LOL. Yet another reason to be extra careful on the road!

    I think you are actually phasing in and out of this dimension. Perhaps if you gently place your attention on being in an alternate dimension (i.e. fully present in some other here and now), you would consciously create invisibility.


    1. Ahhh but then I would need to learn how to split my consciousness so that I would still have awareness here and there…I’m sure it can be done, but I don’t think I have all the pieces to the puzzle yet. 😉


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