The Light of Joy

Light suddenly filled the bedroom and I groaned. It couldn’t possibly be time to get up yet. I could’ve sworn I had just gone to bed a couple of hours ago.

I rolled toward the light and tried to open my eyes. It was so bright that I had to squinch my eyes as I peered toward the doorway. A dozen or so people stood just beyond the bedroom doorway in the hall, and as they saw me looking, the glow they were emanating receded until just the white shirt, pants, and shoes that they all wore, like some bizarre uniform, were the only parts left glowing, and those only as much as some glow-in-the-dark painted objects.

I barely acknowledged their presence, before drifting back to sleep. After all, I knew who they were, and since I wasn’t on call I wasn’t about to lose sleep over them. The light flared again, and when I opened my eyes, they were all standing in the doorway, which was impossible, because it was…well, a doorway. Again, the light receded and I saw them motion me to follow them.

I rolled over, my back now to them, and tried once again to go back to sleep. This time the room was so lit up, I felt as if I were in the sun itself. With a huge sigh, I pushed myself upright and tried to glare at the group that now surrounded the bed.

If you wake up my husband… I started to think, and huge smiles covered all of their faces as I turned toward my husband. He was sleeping more soundly than a baby, something I wished I was doing. A smile curved his lips, and his mild snores filled the room.

I turned back to my nighttime interrupters, who had now regathered near the door to my bedroom, and I shrugged at them. After all, I had been on duty now for five nights, I was due for a night off, and I was tired.

Planing takes a toll, because although your body is sleeping, it isn’t always a restful sleep because the real you, the essence you, the soul, is off doing other things. For me, those other things are usually guiding people across; guiding them from the transitional plane to Earth where they are born into new bodies, or guiding them from Earth to the transitional plane where they spend some time after death and before moving on to either another life on Earth or somewhere else.

I’m a planer, that’s what I do, and the crowd in my bedroom, well, they’re planers, too. They are part of my “team”, I guess you could call them. We cover the time zone between 4 to 5, which extends from Thule, past Frobisher Bay, the eastern seaboard of the US, and includes part of the Falklands and all of Chile. Of course, we also cover other areas during emergencies such as large earthquakes or tsunamis, but the areas between zone 4 and 5 is our primary concern.

Anyway, before the whining had become a full-fledged thought, let alone a vocalization, they all smiled and urged me to hurry. There was something special tonight, that was the thought that flooded through me; there was something I didn’t want to miss. Their smiles were contagious, as was their urgency, so I let go and stepped out of my body, which sprawled back onto the mattress of the bed.

Dressed identically to the rest of the group, we were standing in the gray, foggy nothingness of the transitional plane. With the entire group surrounding me, the glow from our combined spirit form was almost too bright to endure, yet I always found the glow reassuring, calming, and uplifting. Still, it did nothing to change our reality.

I started to ask, but C, one of the elder planers in my group, one who admitted to doing this for at least 100 years, though I suspected the truth was even longer than that, signaled me to be patient.

A moment later the gray mist swirled and began to shift. Mist whirled around my feet, then a column of mist rose before my face and became a solid column of white stone. All around me rose other columns, and then a ceiling appeared filled with stars, and soon we were standing in a huge coliseum-like structure.

I saw other groups of planers gathered, too. Some dressed like us, others in white robes, and others in toga-like apparel. Within moments the huge edifice was crowded as more and more planers appeared.

A moment later, I felt more than heard a low thrumming hum. It seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. This was followed by a growing golden glow that began to appear in the center of this room full of white light. The golden light continued to emerge and the planers fell back, creating a circle two and three layers deep as the golden light intensified and grew larger.

The thrum grew more noticeable, growing in intensity until my entire being vibrated with it. It flowed through me like a chorus of heavenly voices, yet it seemed also to be filled with bells, but was also an orchestration played with such beauty and passion that I felt myself weeping.

Without even realizing it, we had all begun to hold hands, and now we were all connected, one with the other. The golden glow filled the building overpowering our simple white light, and I saw the rapture on the faces around me.

Joy and love surrounded us, and I couldn’t stop smiling. The moment seemed to last for hours, yet when it was over, it felt as if it had ended too soon. I looked around as the music faded, and saw smiles and tears everywhere.

The message was joy; the message was love. And I reached out to hug the planer next to me.

I awoke the next morning ecstatic over my experience, yet also sad. I was sad that not everyone could see, hear, and experience what I had last night, even though I know in my heart that not everyone is ready for such an experience. I know that once they are, though, they, too, will receive the message of love and joy.

Meanwhile, I will cherish the memory of the experience and try to spread the exquisiteness of it with as many people as I can.


4 thoughts on “The Light of Joy

  1. Wow! It leaves me in awe and just a bit of jealousy. To have such an experience…

    BTW, I luve the poetry you have in some of your earlier postings.


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