Enjoying the journey

Doing readings for folks has always been a side-line of my talents, but never my main focus. This is primarily because my focus has always been trying to unravel the mysteries of our world on a more global level. While these mysteries do involve individuals, they also go beyond the individual—beyond you and me—and touch on this world, the next, and all the other possible realities that (I believe) exist.

So, while the majority of my readings tend to be more esoteric, more globally, universally, and pandimensionally based—such as how the rules of balance (sometimes called karma) work, about why certain situations in our world exist or present themselves, how choosing a path of fear over a path of love can create such havoc for the chooser and those around them, or how alternate realities are created and why—every once in a while someone I know (a friend, an acquaintance, or a friend of a someone I know) will ask me to do a reading for them. Usually their life is in turmoil and they don’t know what to do, what choices to make, or what paths to follow. Because I find that I learn something from every reading I do, I will usually give in and do one or more readings for this person.

Sometimes when I give someone a reading I have done for them they become embarrassed at having their lives laid so bare and their ‘mistakes’ observed by someone else. However, if any of them were to ask me, I would try to explain that in my mind there are no mistakes. Every choice is a good choice because they all add to the life and they all make you who you are. But, as I said, most people don’t ask; in fact, most people don’t comment, because they tend to find the readings too personal and too intimate.

But whether the recipients use the information I provide or not, makes little difference to me, because I almost always learn something about people, their motivations, their reasons, and the way they react to situations. Some want their hands held while being led down the path of their life. They don’t wish to take responsibility for anything that might occur in their lives. Others want to lead, at least until something they don’t’ like happens; then they’re quite happy to dodge behind someone else allowing others to ‘slay the monsters’. Still others just head down any path that they happen across, paying little to no heed where they are going but merely enjoying the journey.

It is those in the final group that I admire and want to emulate. After all, it seems to me that no matter what path you choose, each person still reaches their goal, eventually. So, why not just enjoy the moment? Why not just amble along admiring the journey, spending time with those you meet along the way, and taking a moment to watch the clouds and listen to the birds sing?

Even if the bridge happens to be out when you get to it, what does it matter? After all, what is the hurry? Life is the journey, not the destination. So, if the bridge is out, then find another way across or around the obstacle, but enjoy the effort of searching for that new route, and enjoy the different people you’ll meet during your search.

There are so many possible obstacles in life, and a person’s attitude is just one more. So, rather than letting my attitude or anyone else’s become a stumbling block in my path, I’m going to simply enjoy where I’m at, and what I’m doing, and worry about where I’m going when I get there.


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