How do they know that?

It always surprises me when authors describe some bit of the paranormal or metaphysical so (in my opinion, anyway) accurately. One example is the way in which Sookie Stackhouse (a character created by Charlaine Harris) actually “hears” people on two levels. Sookie describes the experience as hearing with her ears, heart, and mind. This is because that while someone might be speaking with their mouth, their mind (thoughts) and emotions are also speaking—and usually the mind and emotions are saying something other than what the person’s mouth is.

Sookie (like me) can hear these other sources of output, and usually the non-verbal sources carry more truth than the verbal output. For instance, I can walk up to someone’s cube at work and say “hi,” and they’ll turn toward me a large smile on their face (and in their eyes). Then while they’re telling me how truly glad to see me they are, I “hear” them thinking that they wish I would leave because they’re doing something they probably shouldn’t be while at work and they’re afraid that I’ll find out. What they don’t realize is that I already have found out, because they just “told me”.

I have faced incidents like this all my life. In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons why I am considered “shy”. It’s difficult to maintain a façade of friendliness or feign interest in a conversation when what you “hear” is Oh no, not her…, Gaaads, who cares…, What a loser…

Do I sound as if I’m being self-pitying? I’m not really. Once I learned to listen for the truth of people’s feelings about me or my interests, I also learned to identify those people who I wanted to be friends with because they truly cared about or were interested in me and the things that I was interested in. It has not only saved me a lot of time, but it has also helped me with my lessons in understanding why people are the way they are or why they do the things that they do.

However, the one thing I’m still puzzling over is how authors like Ms. Harris’ obtain the information to create such vivid descriptions of this ability. How did she so accurately capture the duality and dichotomy of a life lived by someone with this ability when writing her character Sookie Stackhouse. It’s uncanny.

It makes me wish that I were a journalist so that I could interview her. I would love to be able to know how she was able to describe these experiences so vividly and so accurately. I mean, is she psychic? Does she have the same ability that she just described so clearly?

Of course, just because I ask doesn’t mean that she would give me an answer. However, it’s not easy to keep your mind from answering, even if your mouth never opens—just ask Sookie Stackhouse (or me ;-)).

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6 Responses to How do they know that?

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  2. cohenix says:

    Too bad you’re not a gossip columnist or something…think of all the secrets you could pick up.


  3. I would expect that they DO know, if not from this lifetime, perhaps they tap into another timeline in which they experience the world as you do.

    Who’s to say you can’t ask her, journalist or not. After all, you ask…you WILL get an answer, just listen…never mind what words, if any, you hear in response.


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