What time is it?

Time is very important to me, probably more so than money. I’m often heard to say things like, “What a waste of time…”, “That’s gonna take a lot of time…”, “I’m not sure I can spare the time…”

It’s because while I’m here in the physical plane I have to cope with a chief feature (otherwise known as an Achilles heal) of impatience. This makes me feel as if I’m always missing out on something, like I need to be somewhere else, and I’m never quite satisfied with being where I am.

This just gives me a greater appreciation of being able to spend time on the astral planes. The astral planes don’t really experience time. The only reason someone would keep an awareness of time while there is because when you deal with physical plane people and situations, you need to have some awareness of time and how it is affecting them.

You see, time is an affectation of the physical world. People need time so that they can experience physical life. The physical senses and the physical mind are not capable of comprehending simultaneous similar or identical events. The physical mind needs time in order to experience cause and effect, progression, and aging.

Think about it? How could you experience aging if there were no time? You would be every age at the same moment, and your life span would last a moment. The physical plane is all about experiences, and one of the major ones is birth to death and all the moments in between. Therefore, you need to feel as if there is a progression occurring that brings you forward, moving from moment to moment.

It is the same with cause and effect. As a physical being with physical senses and a physical mind, you need to experience a specific effect from the choice you make. Otherwise, the ability to grasp, contemplate, and learn from your life experiences becomes moot.

Every time you make a choice you experience the effect. If you make the same choice a thousand times, and the effect (perhaps one you don’t like) is the same each time, experience each of those as a progression (cause > effect) helps you to finally grasp that perhaps you need to change your choice (different cause > different effect).

Without the progression, the physical mind finds it difficult to make the leap, to see the issue. The physical mind is very linear in its thinking and is therefore much more receptive to scenarios that play to that linear logic. This requires time.

Time, as conceived by us, and instituted by us for use in this physical world of ours, is very linear. We can easily visualize a now, a past, and a future. Therefore, we can easily determine where our “mistakes” were, and so forge a different future. Without time, without that linear road map of where we are, the physical mind becomes lost.

However, the astral planes are about emotions, not progressions. So, time becomes anomalous rather than common place. In the astral planes, cause and effect are simultaneous, as are probable cause and all possible effects. As the thought begins to form, the reality becomes; there is no waiting. Creating a scenario that shows all possible effects of a particular choice, and shows them happening all now, is much easier for the non-physical mind to comprehend. It also helps those in the astral quickly assess what scenarios they might like to try again, should they decide to return to the physical world.

That means existing outside the constraints of time and the linear effects of a physical mind for someone like me, who is so focused on time when in the physical world, becomes somewhat of a vacation. Without time, impatience has no hold. There is no “hurry up”, “do it now” type of thinking because there is no time. Every moment is now.

But then again, maybe I become too used to instantaneous when I’m planing. Perhaps, the ease with which things happen in the astral planes only causes my impatience to be more pronounced when I come back to the physical plane and find I have to wait for things to respond to my choices.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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6 Responses to What time is it?

  1. “Perhaps, the ease with which things happen in the astral planes only causes my impatience to be more pronounced when I come back to the physical plane and find I have to wait for things to respond to my choices.”

    Makes perfect sense. So maybe, rather than “fixing” your core feature, you simply need to remind yourself when you begin to feel the impatience, “Remember, you’re dealing in the physical realm now. Breathe…”


  2. tasinator says:

    My new mantra: The physical plane is obdurate, I shall be patient 😉


  3. Fred says:

    It’s interesting and a bit confusing. Is there more information about this. About how the different possibilities and time and nows all work?


  4. Shawna says:

    So, if time doesn’t really exist why do we have watches and clocks?


    • tasinator says:

      But that’s the point…time DOES exist for us here on Earth. It just doesn’t exist for those on other planes of existence.


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