Changing your point of view

I spoke of Gestalt Theory and perception previously in describing how I can “know” things or “see” things that others don’t normally perceive. You see, each person’s view of our shared reality is based on their perception. The more expansive their perception, the more expansive reality becomes.

Sometimes though, to expand your view of our shared reality, all you really need to do is change your viewpoint. For instance, have you ever gotten down on the floor to play with a child or a pet, and then noticed how different the world looks from down there?

If you let that perspective in and keep it in your memory, it can help you relate to certain events and situations that you may encounter as you go through life. After all, when you view the world from different points of view, it can help you expand your perspective.

The Gestalt Theory builds on that concept even more. It says that once you see one of the hidden patterns, your mind either has to expand to accept it, or clamp down even harder than before in an attempt to reject it. Because once you see the pattern, you can’t “unsee” it. It will always be there.

For instance, if you view the image below you probably just see a collection of black splotches on a white background.


Using that as an example of your view of our shared reality, you might assume that the world is a simple structure of black and white with some bits of randomness. However, if you shift your view point just a bit, you should be able to see a more definitive pattern in those bits of randomness.


As you look for some pattern in those random blotches you should begin to see the image of a Dalmatian sniffing along a street.

“Ahha!” you say. And now those black splotches will never again appear to be just random splotches. You will always find yourself seeing the dog and the street.

The first time most people see beyond the surface of our own shared reality they feel the same way. They blink, they turn away, they wonder if it’s real. But every time they look back, they keep seeing it.

Even those who are so frightened by this new awareness continue to see it, at least until they can convince their minds to ignore it. Then, if and until someone points it out to them again, they will be “blind” to it because it doesn’t fit in with those patterns they consider “normal”.

But each time we see one of these patterns, we expand our perceptions. Each time we expand our perceptions, we realize how much more there is to our world, to our life, to our reality. And for most of us, once we see this expanded view of our shared reality, we crave more, and, therefore, seek out more. More patterns, more depth, more expansiveness to our thoughts, our world, and our reality.

However, one thing to be aware of as you take this journey in search of hidden patterns and expanded awareness. It is possible to take things too far and to start seeing hidden patterns everywhere and in everything.

So remember, that while images of Elvis in your toast or Marilyn Monroe in the water stain of your ceiling may be interesting (and they may net you a bit of cash from Ebay), they won’t necessarily expand your awareness or help you see below the surface of the reality in which we live.


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