Half empty or half full?

When I was younger and trying to learn how to control my abilities through meditation, I asked the instructor what I was doing wrong, and he answered:

You need to empty the vessel so that it can become full once more.

Huh? What does that mean? How do you empty yourself so that you can become full once more?

It took me a while to puzzle that out, but this is what I finally concluded: you need to let go of your fears, your preconceptions, your beliefs. Let go of everything that you think is real. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see and experience the reality beyond that which the majority of us share. 

In our shared reality all things are separated—people, animals, objects. We even use words to emphasize this and fix it firmly in our psyches—you, me; him, her; this, that; mine, yours. Even those few terms that seem to indicate sharing and unity still create separateness—ours, theirs; us, them.

However, once your stop seeing the world in terms of separateness, once you let go of all those preconceived notions and supposed knowledge of how things relate to one another, the barriers that hold you captive to the concept of separateness falls away and you can begin to sense the true unity of a more expanded reality.

That’s the sensation of being filled up that is being referred to. The unity and oneness with all things—animate and inanimate—fills your being and you start to understand that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

In our shared reality we are too close to the pattern to see it (refer to the post What do you see?). All we can see are the individual containers (the bodies and the objects, like chairs, tables, roads) that hold the energy, but we don’t see the energy.

If we pull back away from the shared reality, open the blinders on our eyes a little more, expand our awareness a bit, we begin to see that surrounding each of these containers is a bubble of energy, or aura. (And yes, there are energy bubbles, or auras, around inanimate objects, too.)

Moving away from the shared reality a few more steps lets you see that not only does everything have an aura, but all of the auras are connected, some with small lines of energy, others with thicker, cable-like energy bands. But from here it’s hard to see the pattern of the interconnecting threads and cables; it looks like just so much spaghetti.

Taking several more steps away from the shared reality brings a bit more clarity, and we can begin to see how all of the connections relate to one another.

With each expansion, we grow in our awareness. With each step away from our shared reality, the patterns we thought we knew are overwritten by new patterns, larger, more sweeping patterns. Until eventually we can again no longer see the patterns because they have all merged together into one, cohesive unit; a single oneness.

(For more information regarding this you can read these free papers:  A Singularity Discussion by TASullivan; Auras and ESP by TASullivan.


4 thoughts on “Half empty or half full?

  1. An interesting connection made between emptying the vessel, and “filling” again… of course this makes wonderful sense when you are so clear as to specify that you would fill it with an expanded consciousness–one with an omnipresent viewpoint.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. It sounds as if you’re describing the theory behind singularities with this stuff. I’ve only just read a couple of articles about it, but this sounds very similar.


    1. I am, in a way. From what I’ve read of singularities, and based on the paper I wrote discussing the philosophy and science of singularities, my perception of the oneness that we all share, and are part of has shifted. I feel like I understand a lot more of the physics concepts now.


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