There’s something mystical and magical about early morning—or do you consider it still late night? Either way, the hours just before dawn, when not even the morning birds are up and calling yet, is very special.

There’s a stillness to the world that soothes the mind and the soul. I feel as if it’s my own special place and time; secret from the rest of the world, it’s all mine to share or not as I wish.

I love the quiet that I find during these few hours. It’s a rare stillness made all the more special because of the lack of auric noise, which during a normal day is exceedingly loud and jarring.

Auric noise is caused by everyone’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. When people are awake, they generate a lot of internal chatter, which creates waves of energy. These waves of energy flow outward (like the radar used by bats), banging into other people and objects. After they impact something or someone else, they break into multiple waves. It’s a cascade of energy, but unlike a waterfall, the sound (to me) isn’t pretty.

When people are awake, the world becomes a very noisy place to me. You see, without uttering a single word, I find out a lot about people, even people I don’t know. Usually, it’s not anything I want to know about them, either. Their internal chatter is broadcast through their auras and I end up “hearing” how they feel emotionally, what they’re thinking about, how their body is functioning, and a dozen other tidbits of information that they’d probably be embarrassed to know I can hear.

This information ebbs and flows as their attention ebbs and flows. It’s like a million televisions all jumping between different channels every few seconds. For some people, I hear only noise, static, with others I hear everything as if they were speaking directly to me. However, with most people, it’s just snippets of thoughts, images, profound emotions, musings, and other similar noises.

All of this noise can become exceedingly overwhelming. Just the idea of living in a crowded city is unthinkable to me. Sure, I can and do put up barriers to block out a lot of the “noise” that everyone else projects, but the effort to maintain that barrier is almost as draining as being barraged by the noise itself.

That’s why I live in a more suburban area—I would prefer a very rural area; however, the commute to the job makes that a bit prohibitive. There’s still plenty of noise around me, but at least in my corner of suburbia it’s somewhat contained. My husband is a big help in that regard. His aura is a very neutral barrier that I can “hide” behind. It acts as a damper and allows me moments of respite, moments when I can let down my barriers and just relax.

But I still love the early morning quiet. Most everyone is asleep, and the world is truly quiet. I don’t have to maintain my barriers or hide behind my husband’s aura. I can simply sit and enjoy being.

I find early mornings are also the best time for me to do any readings. There are no interfering energies so the information is much easier to get. But even if I’m not doing any readings, it’s still a beautiful time of day. The stars sparkle like diamonds against the darkness, and the trees whisper to the wind and to each other.

The frogs and toads sing in the swamp behind the house, and the lightning flickers across the western sky. Green eyes glow on the lawn, and then fade away. A deer bounds out of the woods to nibble at my hedges. A mother possum strolls across the yard, her babies clinging to her back, and an armadillo grumbles like an old man as it waddles over the flower bed.

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It’s a completely different world—a beautiful world. It’s a world full of noise and silence; a world full of mystery and wonder. It’s my world…and yours, if you care to join me. Come, bring a blanket and we’ll curl up on the swing and listen to the silence of the early morning.


5 thoughts on “Shhhhh…

  1. I too would love to be in a more rural area. I’d love to have direct access to the outdoors, a back yard, or front yard for that matter. Whether morning or night, I”d love to be able to go out of my home and breathe…look up, look out…and just feel the connection to…everything.

    Thanks for sharing Tas.


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