Things that go bump in the night…(2)

We were speaking of chords and cords, and what makes a soul a ghost.

If someone has invested themselves in their business (like our bookstore lady), church, or family, they can create cords or links from their auric energies to the business, church, or family members. However, when this person dies, when the physical form ceases to live, their frequency shifts because the body is no longer there to center it. Now this is when they should be on the threshold between the physical world and the astral worlds, but using this deep, heavy auric cord that they have created, they anchor themselves in the physical world. They aren’t physical, and they can’t interact with the physical world, but they don’t care.

Maybe they believe that they can continue to influence how the company is run, or who it is sold to, or how the church functions, and the like, and if they are able to draw enough energy from the connection, they might have some influence. However, if they maintain the link for long, they will also eventually create negative energy areas, dead areas, areas where people feel uncomfortable and may drive people away from the building or town. (Not to mention how much they lend to the continuation and perpetuation of stories about ghosts and hauntings.)

If the soul has corded a person, they can, by drawing on that person’s energies to remain in the physical world, eventually kill the person. (Karmic debt.) They may think they’re staying because they love someone so much that they can’t bear to let go, or that this person couldn’t possibly function without them watching over them, or some other (to them) valid reason, but all they are doing is building a debt between them.

Now, there are a rare few who end up with these types of links through their altruistic endeavors. They have dedicated themselves to some cause, issue, or their family to the extent that the link was forged, but once they die, they are ready to move on, and so the link becomes an unwanted anchor.

Once they die, some folks recognize that they have links that are holding them back, and so they’ll remove them; others are too engulfed still in their physical life personalities and either don’t want to move on or refuse to understand why they can’t.

You see, when people die they can be:

  • Mostly free of their physical plane personality <moderate amount>
  • Somewhat free <fair amount>
  • Mostly encumbered by their physical plane personality <moderate amount>
  • Completely encumbered <fair amount>

Planers usually help some of those in bullet 2, but mostly we help those in the last 2 bullets. Those in the first bullet, usually don’t need anyone to help, and are often planers themselves.

Part of what planers do is to remove unwarranted links that might be holding someone in the physical world (with the person’s permission, of course), try to meet the person’s expectations of death, and try very hard to coax and convince those with harmful links to let go and move on.

If I have agreements with the person I’m planing (such as the bookstore lady), then I do my best to convince that person to either let go of their connections or to move them to a construct on the astral planes.

In her case, although she came through to the transitional plane with me, she was reluctant to remove the connection from her beloved bookstore. The hope was that since she recognized that she was dead, she would move the link from the physical bookstore to the construct of the bookstore. I can’t make her do that, it has to be her choice, and usually just getting them away from the physical world is enough to at least partially snap ‘em out of it. But you never know what someone is going to do, and that is why I’m not sure if she will remain long enough to work things through or even fully let go of ego.

[end part 2 of 5]


2 thoughts on “Things that go bump in the night…(2)

  1. I find myself very torn with your writing lately. The supernatural series was very believable, but i’m not ready to give up my ghosts so i’m having a hard time with stuff.


    1. That’s alright. Most people seem to like the idea that ghosts are not only possible very common. Maybe it makes us feel good to think that our loved ones can come and visit whenever they want to; or maybe we all just really do love scaring ourselves and getting that ol’ adrenaline running. 😉

      Thank you for reading, though, and for your comments.


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