Things that go bump in the night…(3)

I’ve been on the other side of those who won’t let go, too. So, I know what it’s like to experience someone’s energies permeating a place that they don’t want to let go of.

When I was in my late teens, my family moved to a smaller town than the one I grew up in. The house my mother had fallen in love with had been built about five years before our moving into it. It had been built for a woman, to her specifications, and she had evidently loved that house a lot. But when she died, her son had to sell the house, and it was my family who bought it.

I remember walking into the house the first time, it was a very cold December day, and the first thing I noticed was the smell of lilacs. Now, I like lilacs, but to smell them in December is decidedly odd, not to mention that the smell was accompanied by a spate of goose pimples.

The cold spots were put down to poor heat circulation or leaky windows, after all, it was winter. But I knew the difference. As the winter moved on, my mother, who was also intuitive (although not as strongly as I was), also began to notice the odor at odd times. Sometimes it occurred in the kitchen, other times in the basement. It was there one moment, and then just as quickly, it was gone.

Finally, my mother and I called out to the previous owner, and asked her to come to us. A few moments later the gentle perfume of lilacs floated into the room followed by a chill that had nothing to do with poor heat circulation or leaky windows.

We spoke softly and gently, explaining that we would love and care for the house as much as she did, and she could move on now. After that, the only lilac perfume came from the shrubs my mother planted at the far back corner of the yard.

That’s not to say that all of those who refuse to leave are as sensible and easy going as that woman was. I’m sure that there are some who refuse to be as easily persuaded. But since not too many folks remain so attached to the physical world, encounters with them are not often and many times planers or guides can usually convince them to move on.

Sometimes a soul needs to experience the goodbyes and finality of a physical plane funeral before letting go. This is part of the overall physical life experience for them, and while it can sometimes be awkward or upsetting for those intuitive enough to sense or see them, for the most part the living do not see the dead. For the most part, the living do not Want to see the dead.

So, if someone needs to have the full death experience, death of the body, grieving of the family and friends, and funeral, and they don’t want a transitional plane rendition of this experience, then a guide usually attends them and keeps them company. In these instances it’s not because they might cause harm or disruption, it’s more because most of them get caught up in the emotions and forget they’re dead. Then they become frustrated and upset when they can’t interact with the living—wanting to hug someone and being unable to, etc. So, the guide is there to lend stability (emotionally) and assistance if needed, after all, the “dead” person doesn’t really know how to manipulate their world yet, because if they’re trying to experience death to this degree, then they haven’t left off the physical plane personality.

So, rarely is there a true instance of a soul running amok and unattended in the physical world. For the most part, once someone leaves off the physical body, they’re quite ready to experience their own version of death. Then once the physical plane personality is transcended, they can move on to whatever reality they choose to experience next.

[end part 3 of 5]


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