The veil between worlds

The veil between planes is very thin, and some places it’s even thinner. Sometime the barrier between the physical world and the astral worlds wavers, and at those times and in those places glimpses are had of the “other side”.

If someone is on the astral plane running through a particular scenario in an attempt to understand all the different permutations of how that situation could play out and someone on the physical plane catches glimpses of it, they might think they’ve seen ghosts. And not just ghosts, but a ghostly re-enactment of something.

In the astral plane, the soul who was President Lincoln might be trying different outcomes to the day on which he got shot. This might take 100 or more of our years for him to do. Meanwhile, the barrier between the physical and astral worlds wavers and every so often what he is doing is seen by someone in the physical world.. And perhaps every time he’s seen is when someone is visiting Ford’s Theatre. Pretty soon, the word gets out that Ford’s Theatre is haunted by President Lincoln.

It could just as easily happen that this astral scene is viewed in North Dakota or Sri Lanka, because there is no real location in the astral planes. If in the astral planes you want to be at the same location as New York in the physical world, you need to go New York. The physical world shares the same space with the astral world, we just don’t normally see the astral world.

If I go to Quebec to plane someone, I usually just help them move to the astral world in Quebec. It’s not out there, up there, or any other there. It’s right here, just not visible to us. The astral planes are out of our sight, outside our perception, because it’s outside of our vibrational range.

Our current reality, our current physical world, vibrates at a frequency within a specific frequency range. Each of us in this world, in this reality also vibrates at a frequency that lies within that range. All the objects, animals, and everything we consider part of our reality vibrates at a frequency within that range. However, the astral world is a different range. It’s right next to our reality in terms of space, but it’s miles away because we can’t perceive it.

We put limits on ourselves when we come into this physical world, because in order to have the experiences we do, we don’t want to know about all of these other realities, and other planes. However, as we grow older (in terms of soul age), the barriers begin to break down and we begin to “remember”, and as we remember, we are no longer blind to all that is around us.

So, while the astral planes are right here, we don’t see them, except every once in awhile when the barrier wavers. And then we see “ghosts”.

Also try, “Why are hauntings cold?”

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An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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9 Responses to The veil between worlds

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  2. Inna says:

    So it sounds like the astral planes are just mirrors of our world, but you said that you could make it look any way you wanted to. So is it a mirror or not? I’m kinda confused.


  3. tasinator says:

    What I’m trying to express is that the astral planes aren’t somewhere else–they’re not out in space, or in some parallel dimension, or even in some alternate reality. It’s a reality whose rules and “laws of physics” are different than ours, but it’s a reality that exists in the same space as ours.


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  5. Heather says:

    My husband passed away in November of 2013, when he was in the ICU, he kept telling me that he saw monkeys on the wall, which I have heard people sometimes see between the physical & astral planes, were the veils somehow opening to him? I also sometimes can smell his cologne, and desperately would like to contact him, can I do this through astral projection? There are so many things that I would like to say/ask – And I want to know that he is okay now, he never believed in an afterlife, in fact that was the one thing that we constantly agreed to disagree on… Thank you so much!


    • TA Sullivan says:

      I’m sorry about your husband; I’m sure you miss him very much. While astral projecting might make it easier to contact the spirit of your spouse there’s no guarantee that you’ll connect. It’s like knowing that someone you love is in China…it’s a huuuuge country. You could spend the rest of your life searching and that’s definitely not a good use of your life (just my opinion : ). But then again if it helps you deal with the loss then so be it. We all need to experience life (& death) in our own way.

      Again my condolences…


  6. Elliot Meckler says:

    Wow! Great info.


  7. Chelsea Wallace says:

    I love this posting – The veil between worlds. It really got me thinking about death in a whole new way.


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