We had to patch the roof again this morning. It’s rainy season and the water keeps finding its way through the asphalt shingles and into the utility room. My husband had climbed up there last fall and patched around the skylights (which is where the leaks seem to be), but a puddle on top of the wash machine told us that new patches were needed.

As my husband worked to put the rubberized tar patches around the skylights, I kept thinking of the other types of patches people needed. So many people have auras that are like our leaky roof and in need of patching, but in their case, they don’t even know it.

Auras, like roofs, take a lot of abuse. There are the common and constant weather conditions, such as lightning (intense focuses of anger, or illness), rain (constant pattering of thoughts and emotions from everyone around you, or a constant pattering of stress caused by a physical ailment), snow and freezing (negative emotions and attitudes focused on you from yourself or others), and scorching sun (overly intense and repeated emotions or thoughts).

Then there are the more infrequent, but just as destructive, situations such as,
hail (peltings of negative emotions from yourself and others), whirlwinds and tornados (brief, quick outbursts of emotions that sweep you up, and then abruptly drop you), floods (overwhelming situations that bury you with thoughts or emotions for long periods), and hurricanes (which combine multiple emotional, intellectual, and physical onslaughts to your aura).

Most people don’t even realize that their auras take such a beating every day. If you don’t revitalize yourself, and rebuild your energies (patch your aura); then eventually, leaks occur. Your energies leak away, or are leached away, leaving you weak, overwrought, and susceptible to all kinds of physical responses.

You can think of your aura as your own personal ozone layer. Without it, your physical body now has no protection from all the energies that bombard you every day. Since thoughts are energy, and your body is energy, thoughts cause a reaction in the body. So, absorb enough negativity day after day, and the body reacts to it by getting sick. It can be something as simple and short term as a cold or headache, or it can be something more permanent and long-term such as asthma or heart disease.

While many headaches have physical causes, some are simply the reaction of the body to all of the energies (and noise) around it. In some instances, the roof has leaks and the rain (negative noise) is seeping through resulting in headaches. In other instances, the roof is growing weak, it has thin spots, and the pressure of staving off the onslaught of emotions and thoughts from others outside of yourself, is felt as a headache.

Most of us create our own stressors (fears)—deadlines, goals (monetary, career, relationships, etc.)—but some stress does come from all of the “noise” that surrounds us. The aura is our buffer, our roof, our ozone layer. It helps keep some of those additional stressors from putting a strain on us. But when we neglect our aura, when
we leave that roof unpatched, we hurt ourselves.

Okay, so how do you patch an aura, how do you keep it from developing leaks? Well, the most important part is to calm and relax the physical form (mind, body, and emotions). This then allows the etheric body to heal itself. So, anything that helps you relax, can help your aura heal.

Some people find yoga relaxing, while others meditate. Using scents, colors, sounds, and tastes, can all help to involve the entire being. Once you get the entire being relaxed, your aura can begin to heal. If yoga and meditation aren’t your thing, try a soothing bath with lavender, chamomile, or vanilla; sitting under some pine trees and listening to the birds sing; using white, blue, or lavender colored filters on the lights in your bedroom; or listening to soft, pleasant music while sitting in a sunbeam.

So, once a week, check out your roof by doing whatever it is that relaxes you, and remember to involve every part of you—the body, the mind, and the emotions.

It’s your best defense against leaks.


8 thoughts on “Patches

  1. I, too, patched my “roof” with a weekend listening to the waves on the beach. I came with no agenda and was pleasantly surprised by a visit from my muse. Rejuvenation is essential.


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  3. I love the imagery in this post, though I’m sorry your home’s roof is leaking again. Wish it was as easy to fix as our auras seem to be.


  4. You have very nicely compared the leakage in a roof with the weakening of aura of a person. I was actually searching sites for the roof repairing tips, and I happened to come across this site. Your post is very interesting and I loved reading it.

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    1. I’m glad you stopped by and I appreciate the kind words, though I am sorry you didn’t find the information you needed/wanted here 😉 I hope you’ll stop by again…


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