Threads, ribbons, cables, links. Like a web they pull us together. Some of us follow the tugs of the threads knowingly; some of us even follow willingly; however, whether willingly, knowingly, or not, we all follow the threads that entangle our lives.

Some of the more forceful tugs on your soul are for life lessons that you (the essence of you) have chosen for yourself. Other lesser tugs can indicate someone you want or need to meet, a job opening that you’ve been waiting for, or even something as simple as an opportunity to save some money (a sale at the local dress shop) or make some money (by buying a lotto ticket).

Of course, not everyone pays attention to these unspecified urgings, these tuggings on their energies. But then, not everyone recognizes them for what they are. For example, you get up and are following your normal routine for a work day, but suddenly you have an urge to do something differently. Perhaps you normally take a train to work, and suddenly feel the urge to drive. There’s nothing specifically wrong—no suspicions that the train will crash, or that the bridge you travel over will collapse…nothing like that. No, it’s just an urge that says, “Hey, instead of taking the train, drive your car.”

Now, most people might just shrug it off, and head out for the train station. However, some folks hear that little voice urging them to make this change, and do it. So, maybe the car does break down out there on the road, but you meet a really nice guy (or gal) who lends you a hand, and things develop from there. But if you had taken the train like you always do, you might not have met that person.

Some folks call it serendipity, destiny, or coincidence. However, I’ve looked beneath the surface of things, and I’ll tell you, it’s all part of the web that each of us creates as we build our individual realities.

Each soul comes into the world with a “game plan”, a set of goals (lessons, objectives) that they want to try to achieve while they’re here. Here’s an example of a fairly typical “game plan” for someone we’ll call Pete. He plans on being born to a middle class family, in Middle America. He wants to finish high school, and hopefully go to college on a sports scholarship. He wants to major in computers, get a job, eventually marry and raise a family. Along the way, he wants to learn a lesson having to do with tolerance for those with disabilities, and perhaps rebalance one of his karmic imbalances.

That seems pretty easy doesn’t it? Nothing major there. Yet, think about all the choices that Pete will make from the moment he’s born until the day he dies. So, essence sets up a framework of energy links, a web, that will help ensure that he’s at least reminded of some of the milestones he wants to make in his life. So, when he reaches high school and is trying to decide on a college, maybe someone he needs to meet (a professor, let’s say) is at a specific university. Therefore, Pete will feel a tug that leads him to think more about that school’s offer than some of the others.

Of course, he can ignore that tug; after all, his choices are still his own to make, but the tug is there to remind him of what he (in essence) set up for himself. It could be that the professor can help him find his first job, or introduce him to a concept or idea that could change Pete’s whole way of thinking. But it’s up to him whether he follows that tug or not. So, even though we each create an initial web as a frame for our lives, we change the pattern of that web with each choice we make as we live our lives. We weave people in, and other people out; we weave a path that may take us miles, but never gains us any insight or awareness.

We weave patterns, places, people, and milestones in and out of our lives with every choice we make. Some of those choices we make blindly, and others we make by following those small tugs from the original framework that we each built for ourselves. So, next time you feel an urge to drive rather than fly, to walk rather than drive, to bypass the home and hearth for a visit to the bookstore (even though you’re tired), don’t just dismiss it. It might be that you’re trying to signal yourself into making a choice that just might change your whole life.


20 thoughts on “Threads…

  1. You make it sound more like destiny or fate. Like once we’re living our lives, things are all set out for us. I’ve always seen it more like a random thing–you get born and you make choices. Nothing is set, and anything can happen.


  2. Anything can happen, and I’m sorry if my post makes you think I’m saying otherwise. All I’m trying to point out is that we develop road signs and check points that help us stay on the path we originally chose. But we can, at anytime, ignore those signs and check points. We can do whatever we want. We may have set out to wait until we were 40 before getting married, but at 25 we decide we’re ready and that we’ve met the right person and so we get married. Our choice.

    So while there may be a hint of destiny (a predetermination of life’s choices) in everyone’s life, free will can and does override it every time. Free will, personal choice, is the trump card in the game of life, and we each have an unlimited number of them at our disposal.

    I hope that helps clarify things a bit.


  3. Interesting. That’s the way I’ve always seen life, too – a bit of destiny, a little choice, and a lot of random luck.


  4. Actually, the way I met my husband was similar to your description of doing something unexpected. I had tickets to go to a concert, but I’d had such a rough day I was going to ignore it even though my girlfriend was angry with me about not going. I got on the train to go home, and suddenly knew it was the wrong thing to do. I dashed back off, and took a cab to the concert. I ended up spilling a beer on the guy next to me, and 2 years later we got married. I always said it was destiny, but you’re right, it was my choice to follow that “feeling”.

    Interesting post. Thanks.


    1. You can “listen” to yourself, to that “little voice” that tries to warn you or urge you to try a new route to work. You can find a GOOD palm reader, because believe it or not the main structure of your life is laid out in the palms of your hands. Or, yes, you can follow those tugs, those urgings that come from inside you and see where they lead.


  5. I experienced something like this when I was looking for a job. I just felt like I had to go to this one biz complex even tho I didn’t know why. Ran into one of the recruiters there and they hired me on the spot.


  6. I have tried as you stated to follow the pulls of my soul, but this has not always led to pleasant encounters. Now, I follow my head rather than my heart. At least this does not cause me such hurt.


  7. I like the idea of someone like you being there so that you’re not really alone. Not sure if it is true or not, but it seems plausible.


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