Infinity is now

Artwork by DL Sullivan


Infinity is now; every reality is right here, right now. Every life is right here, right now, but you only see one—this one. However, there is so much more to this life that you don’t see. There is an infinite number of yous living lives that are right now affecting the you reading this post.  

At this very moment, your past and future lives are both helping and hindering your current life, all because of the choices you made (will make? Are making?).  

All your lives feed together. All your choices feed together. And every life and every choice feeds back to the current now, the current life.  

Artwork by DL Sullivan


So how does that influence your life now? Well, perhaps several “past” lifetimes ended with you drowning (maybe as a sailor, flood victim, and child playing near a stream), so in the current life you are petrified of pools, lakes, boats, and beaches. This is because at a non-conscious level, you remember this, and the body reacts to this information by creating a fear of the situations that might lead to another occurrence. However, if the fear becomes too great, it could keep you from fully living your current life.    

Perhaps in several “future” lives you are a teacher of astro-engineering, so in this life you feel a need to study astrophysics. You may also find yourself drawn to reading engineering journals or books. This is your soul’s way of using all its lives to explore choices and to share the experiences that each life has had, is having, will have.  

It’s all one. Every life we live affects every other life. Every choice we make in this life not only creates alternate lives so that every permutation of that choice is experienced and explored, but it also feeds into all the other lives that we are living—past, future, current, and all their alternates.  

If in this life you choose to learn how to design and build bridges, then that knowledge spreads through all your lives. You may not need it in every life, such as the life in Sardinia where you are a goat herder; however, in those lives where the information is needed, it will be there.  

Ever wonder why someone can learn four or five different languages so easily? It could be because their other selves in their other lives are already speaking those languages. If you have a life in Italy, Japan, Korea, and Finland, whether past or future, then you are going to have those languages available to you now. That means that the you that is now, the you currently reading this post, could, with a little study, start speaking any one or all of those languages, because you already are.  

We are the sum of our parts, but it’s not just the parts of this current life that are a part of us. It is also all of the parts of all of the other lives that we are currently living, have lived, and will live right now. So, just imagine the possibilities. Just imagine what you can do with your life, knowing all the other lives you have to draw on. You can do or be anything you could ever dream of, because somewhere, somewhen you probably are, have been, or will be.


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