What color is your aura?

artwork by DL Sullivan


(this post is still quite popular, so I thought I would re-post it)  

Have you ever wondered what color your aura is, or maybe you wondered about someone else—someone such as your spouse, child, parent, or friend? Well, here’s a way to “see” at least part of it.  

No, really—I’m serious. If you know someone fairly well, such as a spouse or even yourself, you probably know what their favorite color is. So, let’s say your favorite color is blue and you always manage to wear some article of clothing in that color—shirt, slacks, tie, socks, something. Then one morning, you notice yourself reaching for the red tie instead of the blue one.  

The first thing you need to question is your state of mind. Are you angry? Did you get up late and so are upset, feeling hectified? Did you have trouble sleeping or maybe you missed your morning coffee?  

Two things will push someone to reach for something red, if it isn’t their “normal” every day color:  emotional upset (anger, frustration, etc.) and illness. So, if you’re not angry or upset, and you really want to wear red (and not just because it looks jaunty with your new tan slacks), then take a moment to really check out how you feel (even something as small as a minor toothache can be telegraphed this way). It might even be that the body is trying to fight off a cold or flu virus and you’re not even consciously aware of it (yet). There’s no fever, no sore throat, but the body knows there’s something wrong, and it is already trying to warn you.  

Now, maybe instead of your usual blue, you really feel like wearing brown. That’s a good indicator that you’re either physically tired or emotionally withdrawn. In fact, here’s a quick little chart to help you identify what your color choices might mean:

Color Emotional Meaning Physical/Mental Meaning
Pink Childlike Beginnings of illness/Immaturity
Red Anger/Frustration Illness/Illness
Brown Withdrawn/inhibited/need for solitude Tired/Mildly depressed
Purple Otherworldly/Spiritual Balanced/Objective or Sensible
Yellow Bubbly/Full of life Energized/Animated
Orange Forceful/Ready to take charge Enduring/Determined
Green Caring/Empathic Healthy or Healing/Understanding
Blue Tranquil/Peaceful Calm/Unperturbed
Black Despondent Neglectful/Secretive

 Noting your favorite color can also indicate which chakra you work through. For instance, if your favorite color is white, lavender, or purple, you’re primarily working with the energies from your crown chakra.

Color Chakra/Energy center
Purple or White Crown/Spiritual center
Blue Third eye/Intellectual center
Orange Throat/Communications center
Green Heart/Emotional center
Yellow Thorax/Moving center
Red Base/Instinctual (physical) center
Brown Root/Creative center


So, what color are you wearing today?

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(And just in case anyone is interested, my favorite color has always been purple;-)  

[For more on auras, also see  Can you state the order of the chakras? and Why is the thoracic chakra first?]


20 thoughts on “What color is your aura?

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  2. Wow! Thanks for this information. This is so interresting. So, since I picked yellow today, when I’m normally a blue kinda person, that means I’m feeling sunny? Love it.


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  4. Pingback: Spirit Guide
    1. Perhaps a little of both. It shows that you spend most days working through your heart and motion chakras, so you’re happiest when moving, when doing. You’re not a planner, but a doer.


      1. Now that is perceptive! I am happiest when I am working with and helping people. And if I’m honest with myself, I do have a tendency to dive in rather then spend time thinking about things.


  5. Love it! I frequently have animated conversations with people about there color choices. I am recognized to be a person that is not afraid of color. That is because I don’t were neutrals except to camouflage (secret? not exactly, but it seems to de-emphasize) my big ass and thighs (read black pants).

    Otherwise you will always see me in purple, blue and/or green. People always comment how I am always coordinated. I simply tell them that its easy when you are working with the same three colors that harmonize so my reading glasses match my shirt, my purse etc… NO thinking at all, just following what I gravitate towards.

    Oh, and I (and my husband) had our aura photos taken in Sedona in April. One of these days I will see if I can scan them because they really are phenomenal, if only in demonstrating how different two auras can be, even in a “couple.”


    1. Sounds as if you’re working through your heart, soul, and mind–what a great way to have a balanced life. 😉

      …if only in demonstrating how different two auras can be, even in a “couple.”
      Sounds interesting, I hope we get to see them 😉


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    1. This represents a mental center attitude of wanting to blend in. The person who is wearing gray wants to blend into the crowd or wants to blend some aspect of themselves back into their overall self.


  9. wow that is interesting! I love to wear grey, it is one of my favorites, yet I also like to wear clothes that are different to everyone else as I hate to blend in and look the same?! No wonder Im confused alot of the time, lol.
    Thanks 🙂 Loved your post.


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  12. What if your favorite “color” isn’t a color, what if it’s a print, such as a zebra print or leopard print or something?


    1. Then I would say that one of your past/future lives is bleeding through. Perhaps a life lived more closely with nature, most likely in Africa, since I don’t think zebras live anywhere else. Or perhaps you were someone who worked in a zoo or captured or hunted animals.

      For whatever reason, that life is imporant and it’s energy is coming through in your choice of clothes.


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