Seeing Auras

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There are three groups of people that I know of who can usually see auras all the time:

  • Those just starting their cycle of lives on the physical plane
  • Those nearing the end of their cycle of lives on the physical plane
  • Those who chose to see auras during their current life on the physical plane

Those just starting out and those getting ready to cycle off share the fact that they are closer (most times) to the other planes than they are to the physical one. That is why they are most often able to see the energies that surround everything (inanimate and animate objects and people). When your focus is primarily the physical plane, then those are the objects you see—people, trees, chairs, dogs, streets, buildings, etc. People focused on the here and now rarely see anything not in front of their faces.

But those who are starting out or finishing up their cycle of lives tend to align themselves with other planes besides just the physical. For those starting out, it is because they are still unsure and unfamiliar with this physical world and maintaining close ties to other planes (such as the astral or causal) can give them a feeling of safety, it provides a safety net per se.

Those of us who are in the last life or two of finishing this physical cycle of lives need a place of “sanity” and calm. Also, we are usually “in training” for when we finally do finish with this cycle of physical lives. By maintaining such close links with the astral, causal, or mental planes we give ourselves an easy way to shift focus and “leave” for awhile.

Because these ties are stronger in us than in most people on the physical plane, we also tend to “see” the world in many layers. One of those layers is the energy layer that surrounds everything in this world, otherwise known as the auric layer.

(Now this isn’t to say that everyone isn’t tied to the other planes, they are. But those who are just starting out and those getting ready to cycle off have ties to one or more planes that are almost equal to their ties to the physical plane. Others have stronger ties to the physical than to any other plane.)

Those who choose to see auras have done so to follow some life path that they wish to explore. It might be that they want to try being a medium in this life, or perhaps they want to explore being a con man/woman (and trust me, being able to read auras comes in very handy if you want to manipulate people or situations), or maybe they want to explore having a handicap (for some people, this is considered being handicapped; not everyone sees it as a blessing).

There are others who can sometimes see auras for short periods during their lifetime

  • Those who are injured (such as having injured their eyes and so are able to see the auras of people and objects around them, or having injured their head and so activating a different part of their mind).
  • Some who are nearing death or have near-death experiences find that when the veil between life and death thins, they can see the auras around people.
  • Some who are very ill, such as with high fevers, sometime see auras around people.

Most of those who see the auras for these short periods, usually brush it off as part of the illness, injury, or near-death experience. A few of them actually accept what they saw as being real.

As for those of us who see auras all the time throughout our lives, well, we usually just adapt to the images and learn to work with them or ignore them. For me, I treat my “second sight” much like I would a light switch, flipping it on or off depending on what I’m doing and what I need to focus on. It has become such a habit, that I rarely notice anymore. It is only when someone asks for something specific (a reading on their or someone else’s health, mood, or other lives impacting their current one) that I specifically note the flipping on of the switch.

[End Part 1]


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