What Your Aura Says About You

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When I flip the switch on and note someone’s aura, the first thing I notice is the intensity and the shape. Believe it or not auras come in many shapes and sizes and it rarely mimics a person’s physical shape and size.

However, the shape and size of an aura can be influenced by a person’s physical shape and size. For instance, many children’s auras are rather spiky and the colors very intense. This is primarily due to the fact that there is a lot of energy trying to fit into such small packages. Now, obviously all children are not created equal, so not every child has a large, spiky aura, but overall most do. Those kids who are older (soul age) usually have quieter auras—the older the soul, the quieter the aura (usually…but it’s not 100% correlation). (Of course, since there are more “high school” aged souls than any others on Earth, most of the kids I encounter have fairly noisy auras.)

Also, the health of the physical body does play a part in the intensity and the shape of an aura. So, if a child is ill or malnourished, then obviously the aura will be less intense, more collapsed, and usually without the spikiness of a more robust, normal child.

In adults the shape and size of auras is varied and can be greatly influenced by mood or health, but it is also influenced by the soul’s selection of attributes. Most attributes are chosen for a single life, but one (role) is chosen at the start of physical life and remains throughout all lives.

The roles, of which there are 7, are related to certain chakras or centers:

  • Spiritual (crown)
  • Mental (third eye)
  • Communication (throat)
  • Moving/Action (solar plexus)

All of the centers mentioned, except the mental center, have 2 roles associated with them, and that is because the energies for those roles either flow inward or outward. But the energies for the mental center are considered neutral, since thought comes before anything else. Thought is the basis of all other things—without thought, there is no need to communicate; without thought, there is no need to create; without thought, there is no need for action; without thought, there is no belief. Therefore, there is only 1 role with the mental center.

So, if the role is one of the inward flowing ones, the shape of the aura is much narrower, fitting closer to the body, than if the role is one of those with an outward flow. You have to be careful with this, though, because emotionalism can also pull an aura inward; however, emotions will only pull one or two layers and not the entire thing. Therefore, you have to observe whether just the emotional layer and/or physical layer have been pulled tight in to the body, or whether the whole aura is riding close to the physical form.

When I speak of fitting closer to the body, most people in a relaxed state have auras extending about two feet from the physical body; however, those with a role that has an outward flowing energy will actually extend up to 4 or 5 feet (that’s why they are often said to have presence), while those with inward flowing energies might only extend 12 to 18 inches.

Another one that follows each soul throughout each of their lives is cycle (soul age). The cycle (soul age) is determined by the experiences completed, so if a soul gets through the basic experience of being human, they gain a cycle (or soul age) of 1. It is each soul that determines whether they completed an experience satisfactorily or not, so it is each soul who determines when to progress to the next soul age. The more complex the experiences you choose, the greater the increase in soul age.

This cycle or soul age shows up in the intensity of the colors: the whiter the crown, the older the soul. On a soul newly incarnated into the physical cycle, the crown chakra is a deep purple. As that soul progresses through their physical lives, the crown lightens going from deepest purple to lavender and finally to white.

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4 thoughts on “What Your Aura Says About You

    1. If the silver has metallics in it, then I would say that you are increasing the strength of your vibrations; heightening it. If the silver is simply materials (without metallics), then yes, you’re right, it would be considered a type of gray.


  1. Fascinating that you can see auras. I’ve wished for that skill for many years, and have read various books on it, but have never succeeded.
    Anyway, thank you for deciding to follow my blog Bobbing Around. I hope my words will entertain inform and inspire you.


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