What Shape is Your Aura In?

One of the first things I usually take note of when I observe someone’s aura is the shape and size. As I said, this usually indicates role, but it can also indicate someone’s emotional, mental, or physical mood, too.

Auras that are sharp and spiky (in an adult), pulled tight (like a very tight spiral), are too close to the body (within 2 or 3 inches of the body), are spinning in a counter-clockwise direction, or any combination of those, usually indicate some sort of negativity.

Auras that are rounded, soft, flowing clockwise, expansive, or any combination of those, usually indicate positivity.

Auras that appear scattered, meaning that they either contain flares of colors bursting at odd moments, or have stringers shooting off and away from them (originating at the mental center), indicate a lot of mental activity that is either not very well focused or is not coherent (some mental patients have these types of auras, but then so do some highly creative people).

Of course, if the flares or stringers are bursting from the motion/action center, it means that someone needs/wants to move; that the inactivity is causing a build up of energy that needs to be released through some type of movement. You can often see this in athletes or in people who tend to act first and think about the consequences later, especially if they are stuck in a situation where there movements are limited. Many of these types of people can find a release through pacing, tantric breathing, or jiggling their leg or foot (if they’re sitting).

Colors also play a large part in the information that you can obtain from auras. Based on the chakra colors observed, you can note:

  • Their emotional attitude at the moment you’re observing them
  • Their mental attitude or thoughts at the moment you’re observing them
  • Their physical health
  • The health of the chakras and the aura (whether any of their chakras are blocked, too narrow or too open)
  • The past or future lives that might be impacting this one
  • Who has ties to them and what type (familial, sexual, emotional, spiritual, etc.)
  • The number of karmic ties they have and (sometimes) who with
  • If someone is manipulating them (cords to the backs of their chakras)

That’s a lot of information, so it’s no wonder that many of us who can “see” auras have learned to put up blocks. Imagine standing in a room full of 10 other people and being inundated with all of that information from each of them. Information overload! Forget about trying to live your own life, you’re too busy trying to sort out all the information you’re getting bombarded with.

Without blocks, it can become very difficult to ascertain which emotions are mine and which belong to someone nearby, or what thoughts are mine and which belong to someone standing in the room with me.

So, yes, most of us learn to pull our auras in close and keep our receptors tamped down so we don’t “hear” or “see” that information. 

Of course, as I stated in several earlier posts (Not Abilities, Choices and Auras Part 1), there are those who use the information they glean from everyone’s auras to manipulate situations and people. Some are simple con people, some are more nefarious (some cult leaders, some tyrants, some business moguls). (Of course, not everyone who is a cult leader, tyrant, or bully reads auras. Some of them simply have learned how to manipulate people using fear.)

[end part 3]


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