Auric Links

meditation_cleansingHow do you know if someone is manipulating you through your aura? Well if you can read auras (including your own), it’s much easier. Then you’d be able to see whether you have unwanted, karma-creating, links connected to you.

If someone links to you at the back of your chakra (say to the back of your throat, or the back of heart or head) they can manipulate your energies to make you think what they want you to think, say what they want you to say, or feel what they want you to feel.

Now, most people don’t realize why they feel so manipulated or so used. They know they’ve done or said something that they wouldn’t normally do or say, something that isn’t in character for them, but they don’t realize why. And, regrettably, most people who do the manipulating have no idea that they did it or how they did it. It usually occurs between two people who are normally close (lovers, spouses, parents/children, etc.) and occurs during moments of stress or great emotions.

While this type of manipulating isn’t good, it’s not nearly as destructive as the manipulations done out of malice, manipulations done with intention. If you intentionally want to manipulate someone’s ideas or feelings, you would focus your intentions at them thereby creating links between yourself and the other person in a negative way. This enables you to override their thoughts, their emotions, or their communications center. In other words, you put words into the mouth (almost literally), or you flood them with emotions that aren’t really theirs.

This is why doing a cleansing on your aura can be so important. Because not only does your aura take a beating every day (see the post Patches), but you don’t always know who might be linking to you in ways you don’t want.

Links to the front of your aura are those that you have agreed to and approve of; but those coming in at the back are not agreed to and not approved of by you. Therefore, you definitely want to clear those away.

A lover, child, parent, friend, may have multiple approved links to you. They probably have links to your mental, communications, emotional, base, and root centers. Others, such as children probably even have links to your motion/energy center, and some (such as spouses or spiritual leaders) may even have links to your spiritual center.

But if any of those links come in through the back of the center, then someone is trying to manipulate you. It might be a brief encounter—you and your spouse have a disagreement and they link to the back of your communications center because they Want you say you’re sorry. But once the fight is over, the link is removed, and everything is “normal”.

However, others can link to the back of that same center and not let go, and that can create problems, and not just because you’re doing, saying, or feeling things that are out of character. These types of links also create tears and abrasions in the aura. So, it’s not bad enough that you have the every day stresses and aggravations putting wear and tear on your aura, now you have other people putting negative links on your aura.

It’s no wonder that we get so run down and tired sometimes. The most effective solution is to do a clearing and cleansing of the aura. Now, you can do it for yourself, or you can contact someone to do it for you. There’s nothing like a good spa treatment for soothing the mind, body, and spirit.


[End part 4]


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