It’s all in my head

In the last Harry Potter book (The Deathly Hallows), Harry asks Dumbledore, “Is this real? Or has this been happening in my head?”, to which Dumbledore replies, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it isn’t real?”.

That is exactly what today’s scientists are finally beginning to understand—reality begins in your head. Thought is the main building block of any reality.

Science today is finally recognizing some basic truths regarding thought:

  • Thought is energy
  • Energy impacts matter
  • Our physical reality is comprised of matter
  • Matter is comprised of energy
  • Energy is thought
  • Thoughts create reality

Of course, many of us have realized and understood this basic concept all along. Simply, you are what you think, and so is the world around you. Thought matters.

Have you ever wanted to change your physical appearance—not just through the manipulation of hair dyes or make up, but really change it? Perhaps you want to be taller, or you want your hair to be straight instead of curly. If you focus long and hard enough on it, you can change your reality.

Is it easy? Not really, because physical matter is very obdurate (heavy and unyielding). But it is easier to change your personal reality than say, the global reality. That’s because a global reality is comprised of the energies of everyone participating in it. For instance, we on Earth have all agreed that the sky exists, it is blue, and it spans the globe above us. For one of us to decide that we want the sky to be green rather than blue, and then make it turn that color would be nearly impossible. The amount of focus required to overcome the billions of others energies would pretty much guarantee that the sky remains blue.

However, if you decide that your personal reality needs to change, well, that’s a bit easier. Yes, the matter around you is still heavy and unyielding, but you created your own reality in the first place, and the only one really holding it in place is you. So, if you want to change it, then go for it.

Some parts of your reality are easier to change than others; after all, it only took me about a year to extend my body from 5’3” to 5’4”. Seems silly doesn’t it? Wanting to be an inch taller, yet for 4 years I was 5’3” and everyone said that’s all I would ever be, since at my age (at that time) we were pretty much done growing. But I was supposed to be 5’4”….somehow I KNEW that deep inside. So, I began focusing on that goal, that goal of 5’4”, and soon I was.

It’s much easier to change your path in life than to change your hair from curly to straight, or vice versa, or add inches to your height. After all, to change your path, you merely need to decide where it is you are and where you want to go, and make the path that will get you there. (This is all predicated on the concept that where you think you want to be is also where your spirit thinks you should be. If the essence of you wants to experience life as someone immersed in poverty, then it’s going to take a lot more focused thought to create that million dollar mansion and multi-million dollar lifestyle than if essence also wanted this.)

There are thousands of books and videos that will teach you how to create a path to the new place in life that you want to be. Just remember that wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, and whatever you want to be is simply a matter of focusing your energies, your thoughts. It’s mind over matter, that’s all. Focused thought, thought with intention,

That’s what it takes to overcome our obdurate world. Just think of where,
what, why, and who and you will be, and with enough focus and intention behind it, the path will be there. Of course, it’s easier if essence (your soul) wants the same thing you do, but as I said, even if not, you can still push your path forward, it’ll just take a little more umph.

And remember, it’s not just all in your head…even though it is 😉


11 thoughts on “It’s all in my head

  1. This is very fascinating and seems to go along with the concept that scientists are looking more at what used to be considered paranormal or metaphysics and finding ways to prove these concepts.


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