All you need is love

I see the same message over and over–to love others, love yourself. I’ve seen it in the movie “What the Bleep”, and in countless books (such as “Same Soul, Many Bodies” by Dr. Weiss, “The Heart of the Soul” by Gary Zukav, or even “Messages from Michael” by Yarbro).

I’ve always agreed with it, yet still I have a problem with self-esteem (as do a great many of us, I think), which makes it a difficult message to follow sometimes. After all, how can you love yourself when you’re too busy berating yourself for being too thin/fat/short/tall/dumb/klutzy? Somehow, though, we all seem to fall into patterns like that, and sometimes they can be very difficult to break out of.

There have been countless meditations, mantras, and techniques developed and touted over the years that are devoted to helping people learn to love themselves; however, I think I just found the perfect one. It’s 3 simple words, which when expressed with true feeling behind them, let you believe, experience, and expand on the emotional well-being that they give the sender and the recipient.

The words have become so commonplace, unfortunately, that many people say them without actually meaning them, or with the wrong meaning imbued in them. It’s not enough to just speak the words, you have to feel the emotion behind them, you have to share the emotion behind them in order to get the full experience. These words aren’t meant to express a physical attraction to someone, or an expectation that the recipient of the words will fulfill some deep-seated need within the speaker of the words.

These words need to express the emotional equivalent of acceptance and understanding. The words and the emotions need to flow inside you, through you, and around you, and acknowledge you as a human being. If you watch the video, you can feel the emotion. You know that these people mean what they’re saying, and what they’re saying is that you matter; you are important; you are an important person just because you exist. And soon you will find yourself not only believing them, but you find that you are able to share those words with others and mean them, too. That you will find others to be important; to matter, simply because they exist.

The words are simple; the emotions are complex; the rewards are priceless.

(Thanks to Exquisite Transitions for pointing out this wonderful, and emotional link)


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