Listen to the Love

We all stumble down our life paths, making our choices, and living our lives. But how many times do we agonize over those choices? How many times do we tie ourselves up in knots, unable to eat, sleep, or function, as we try to decide what choice to make, and sometimes it’s over the simplest things. Should I change jobs? Should I go out with Sally/John? Should I eat this donut? Should I send this note or not?

What if you knew that no matter what action you chose, what path you selected, that you would still end up where you want to be? Would that help relieve any of that agonizing?

It’s true. If we would spend half as much time listening to our own inner voices, as we do agonizing over what we think we should do or not do, we would find that we really do know what’s best for us, we really do know what choice to make. It’s only when ego (fear) starts pushing or pulling and trying to lead the way that we get bogged down.

How many times have you thought, “Wow, everything is going so well; no problems, no hassles.” And then a month later, you start agonizing over some choice in your life. Well, that’s an indication that you’ve stopped listening to yourself and are letting ego (a rabid fear mongerer) fill you with doubts.

You see, ego’s whole motivation is fear. It just loves to cause doubt and anguish. It’s like that little devil on your shoulder just itching to fill you with self-doubt. It may not seem like it, but if you truly listen to what ego is whispering you’ll see the truth. Maybe you have one little run in at work, something that on any normal day you would simply accept and move on. But here comes ego making you feel undervalued, whispering in your ear that they don’t appreciate you, that maybe you’d do better somewhere else. But deep inside you really like your job and the people you work with, so you start to agonize. Should you look for another job, should you just stay where you are; do they appreciate you or don’t they?

Always conflict, always agony…that’s what ego does for you.. Ego loves to find your weak spots, your vulnerabilities, and then feed into your fears. It looks for and seeks out that niggling bit of self-doubt, that fear, such as your fear of being alone, of never finding someone to spend your life with. So, ego starts whispering that you should probably accept the proposal from Sally/John or you’ll always be alone. But, again, deep inside you know you don’t really like Sally/John and trying to build a life with them will be unfair to them and to you. So, while your soul (essence) tries to talk you into doing what your heart wants, ego plays on your fears.

So, what happens if you give into the fear, if you listen to ego and you go ahead and change jobs, or you go ahead and marry Sally/John? Well, you may become quickly disenchanted with the new job and wish you hadn’t left, or you may actually find you like it. The same with the proposal from Sally/John. Who’s to say? Although, doing something out of fear rarely finds you on a happy path, you can always make other choices that alter the unhappy path and turn it into a happy one. Making a choice is never a mistake…a learning experience, sure, but never a mistake.

But it’s the agonizing and the way we torture ourselves that ego loves. So, if you find yourself agonizing over some decision, tying yourself up in knots over something, put a muzzle on ego and try to listen to the softer voice of essence. See what advice essence has to offer. It’s not always easy to shut ego up—it just loves to hear itself talk—but if you try you can tune it out. If you really try, you can hear essence’s voice speaking to you.

Just listen to the quiet voice of affection, the soft echoes of encouragement, and the strong feelings of self-assurance—that’s the voice of essence talking, that’s the voice of love.


5 thoughts on “Listen to the Love

  1. Beautiful, beautiful post – I just wish that I knew all of this long ago – life would have been much easier and I would have been easier on myself too. It’s taken me a long time to find this knowledge within myself – but then I guess – thats the best way to learn.


    1. We all seem to get where we’re going eventually…I know I would’ve liked to have bypassed some of the wierd paths my life took, too, but then again, I wouldn’t be me if I had 😉


  2. That was very helpful thank you! I think this is great advice; “Just listen to the quiet voice of affection, the soft echoes of encouragement, and the strong feelings of self-assurance—that’s the voice of essence talking, that’s the voice of love.” : )


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