Finding the Door

We all live in a little bubble of reality just like Truman did (as played by Jim Carrey in the movie The Truman Show). Some of us easily find and recognize the little door that lets us expand our vision of reality, some of us never go looking for it, and some of us might take a lifetime or longer to finally find and recognize it.

For the most part, we each create the boundaries of our little bubbles of reality through our own fears or lack of knowledge. However, as we learn and grow, we usually begin to search for that door that lets us expand our boundaries; the door that lets us open ourselves and our reality up.

To even start or accomplish that journey, we’re given “clues”—little bits of knowledge or insights—that if recognized, can help us in our search for that door. These little gems of knowledge appear constantly throughout our lives. However, since many of us aren’t even sure what it is we’re looking for, we don’t always recognize the “clues” when we come across them. Others of us just know that we have questions, so we look over each clue to see if helps answer any of those questions, and if it does, we tuck it away somewhere safe. If it doesn’t, we usually just drop it back where it was and let the next person stumble across it.

Because each of us is a unique individual, we all interpret the clues in our own unique way. Therefore, with every clue we collect and interpret, we also adjust our path, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little. However, sometimes we find that the clues we collected don’t all work together, and other times we find out that it’s our own interpretations that don’t fit; either way, we sometimes find ourselves lost in a labyrinth or facing a dead end, and we have to backtrack and start again.

But that’s what life is about…trial and error, experiences and learning. So, although we might walk ourselves in circles, or pick up things that seem like clues, but lead us nowhere, we just have to believe that eventually we’ll find that door, and we’ll move beyond our limited reality to something a little wider, a little broader.

For Truman, “fear” took the form of the man manipulating his life, the man running the TV show. For us, it’s not that much different. Fear is a secret little manipulator that pulls our strings and gets us to do things that we might not otherwise do.

We look at a clue and because the information it offers brings us too close to the door that will open our reality, our fears tells us to drop it, or it causes us to misinterpret it; thereby sending us down a false trail. The fear whispers to us and tell us that the clue is dangerous, it tells us that the information will hurt others—others that we care for, or a multitude of other excuses, and so manipulates us into ignoring or misunderstanding the clues.

But if we really want to find that door, then we have to recognize when fear is whispering to us, and ignore what it’s saying. We have to learn to trust that other part of ourselves, that part of ourselves that questions our reality by asking “Why are we here?” or “Where is here?” Because once we start collecting the clues that will lead us to that door, we begin to find that our reality contains a multitude of choices we never saw before. And if we start to use some of those choices, we start finding more clues, and more choices. It builds on itself, until soon there are no more barriers, no more hidden panels, and no more secret passages. There’s only that door, that once opened can never be closed on you again.

Once you see and recognize that door, it can never be hidden from your view again. It’s like the gestalt theory that says once you see and recognize the pattern of miscellaneous dots as picture, you can never unsee it. It’s always there for you.

Once your mind and awareness are opened, you’ll find it very difficult, if not impossible, to close them (at least in this lifetime). So, you might as well open the door and move beyond your little bubble of reality, to the greater world outside.

And what do you find when you move beyond that door? It depends on each person, I think. We’re all different, so our realities are all different. However, as we overcome the fears that limit us, that bind us and keep us in place, we find that our reality becomes filled with more freedom. So, it seems to me, that opening that door must be the most freeing experience of all.


4 thoughts on “Finding the Door

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