So, what plant are you?

While sitting in the dentist’s office, I was skimming through a magazine and came across one of those self-evaluation quizzes. Usually I pass them by, but figuring it would help fill the time, I decided to try it out.

The questions seemed deceptively silly, but I found myself returning to the questions long after I had left the dentist’s office. All through the day I’d catch myself thinking about them, so finally decided to write them down and share them with you.

If you were a plant, based on your personality, what plant would you be?

What plant do you think others would say you are?

What plant would you like to be?

Of course, most people would probably answer the questions by saying something like “lilacs” or “sunflowers” or some other flower, because who doesn’t want to see themselves as beautiful and fun?

But if you really think about yourself and your personality, are you really just a simple annual? Don’t you have more depth than that?

When I really took a look at myself I decided that I was probably a prickly pear. While they do bloom, it’s only once a year. Mostly they’re prickly (like me), which makes them hard to get to know, yet they thrive in harsh conditions. I would hope that most people would see me as more of a bougainvillea. While still prickly with thorns, which might keep many at a distance, the blooms would attract people who might be willing to push past the thorns and get to know the real me. Because once you get to know me, I can be a very loyal and enduring friend, providing help, advice, assistance, or comfort.

What I’d like to be is an oak, like my husband. Oaks, to me, offer comfort in the form of shade, food (acorns), and shelter. They’re large and give the feeling of security and stability, and they seem to be like old friends when you come across them. 

So, what about you, Reader? What plant are you, and what plant do you want to be?


2 thoughts on “So, what plant are you?

  1. Interesting comparisons. I never thought to equate myself with some particular plant, though if I did I think it would something like a dogwood–they’re small sturdy trees that flower. Either that or a magnolia. Both of them can withstand hurricanes, and I feel as if my life has been one giant windstorm.


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