Just let your light shine

Your own light shines brightest when it shines for someone else.

I love that sentiment. It seems so true to me. When you care about someone else, your energies (auras) pulse outward, and that makes them more visible to those who care to notice.

But even if someone can’t literally see the aura shine, they can see you shine. Because when you care for and accept someone else, your inner glow shines through your eyes and your face, and sometimes even through your subsequent actions towards others. It makes us feel good to help and to care for others, and when we feel good, our whole being shines—the face smiles, the eyes shimmer and your whole being feels lighter, more buoyant.

Yet, so often, we let ourselves become so weighed down by our own concerns, our own worries, that our whole being becomes dull and dimmed. We close ourselves off and draw our energies inward, reducing our natural “glow”. I realize that it’s not easy to focus on others when you’re so weighed down with concerns about jobs, money, meetings, illnesses, or other troubles. But sometimes just the act of saying “Hi!” to someone you’ve never met before can pull some of that energy outward.

How simple is that? Just take a moment to look at the person standing next to you on the elevator or in line at the store. Maybe they feel tired and isolated, too. So, just say “Hi!”. It’s a little word, just 2 letters, but it can create a large bridge of caring. Just take the 2 seconds necessary to speak out, and that simple little bridge can help you both realize that you’re not alone, you’re not isolated, and your problems aren’t insurmountable.

Just try it. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? Someone doesn’t respond back? Then say “Hi!” to someone else. It doesn’t cost anything, and I know in this horrid economy with everyone worried about money that can be a big drawback. But it’s free! And just think of how bright you could be shining at the end of the day if you make it a habit to say “Hi!” to at least 4 strangers a day.

So, c’mon. Shall we all make the world shine today? All it takes is a little of caring; all it takes is a simple “Hi!”.


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