Are you balanced?

Self-karma that’s what those imbalances that we create within ourselves are called. These can be anything to weight problems to addictions to prejudice, to racial hatred. Almost anything can become an imbalance within ourselves if we let it.

A self-karma is ourselves taking a viewpoint that is extreme of center. Instead of accepting our body for the shape, type, and size it is, we decide that we hate it. We hate our height, or we hate our weight, or we hate the fact that our hair is straight/curly/brown/blonde, our nose is long/short/stubby…In not accepting or understanding ourselves or others, we create an imbalance.

Perhaps we cannot abide someone if their skin is other than brown/white/yellow/red, or we can’t abide someone whose opinions disagree with ours, or we don’t like people who are extremely tall/short, or extremely fat/thin. Whatever it is that we dislike (in the extreme) we will end up having to deal with.

That isn’t to say that you can’t dislike anything. Of course you can. Maybe extremely tall people make you uncomfortable, so you tend to avoid dealing with them whenever possible. However, when it’s not possible, you simply do what you must, to finish the interaction and continue on with your life. That’s a perfectly reasonable way to behave considering how they make you feel. You may be ‘afraid’ of tall people, but you’re not letting your fear completely run your life.

However, if you make snide remarks, or continuously denigrate tall people because they make you uncomfortable, and you go out of your way to be nasty or cruel, or refuse to work with or interact with someone simply because they’re tall, now you’re creating an imbalance within yourself.

You’re failing to recognize that just because someone is different, they’re not necessarily evil, bad, or horrible. You’re allowing your fear of their difference (their tallness) direct your life, and this is what is creating the imbalance in you. Because somewhere down the line you will have to face the exact same type of “abuse”. Somewhere, in another life, you will be extremely tall, and you will encounter someone who really dislikes tall people, and you will have to endure all their jibes, and denigrating remarks.

Someone may be different, and that difference may even make you uncomfortable, but by reacting to that difference through fear you create an imbalance in yourself. If you can’t resolve that imbalance within the current life by recognizing what you’re doing and why, then later on in another life you will become that which you most feared. Then you will face the hate and fear of others until you can recognize and understand the fear that is coming from them and accept it as what it is—fear. As long as you return fear to those who fear you, the circle remains continuous. But once you recognize the fear for what it is, and return loving acceptance instead, then the circle is broken and the self-karma is balanced.

Self-karmas are usually about something that you fear—body types and shapes (height, weight, coloration), race, handicaps (mental deficiencies, physical challenges, such as polio, MS, or other debilitating diseases), nationality, religious beliefs, social prejudices—these are all types of self-karmas that you can induce simply by becoming either too fearful of them or too enamored of them.

Oh yes…if you become too fond of a particular trait or body type or ethnicity that can create self-karma, too. After all, extremes of any type are an imbalance. What is sought is balance, and that means within ourselves, too. So, if you like being red-haired, and always insist on red-hair and pretty soon you find that you feel negative towards any other color of hair, you’re on your way to creating self-karma. After all, just because you like red hair, doesn’t make brown hair wrong.

Now, if you adore red hair and always incarnate with red hair but feel that the other hair colors are fine (that is, you’re not afraid of them or don’t dislike them—except for yourself) then there is no imbalance. It’s only if you start disdaining any hair color except red that you’ll find yourself back in that self-karmic circle trying to make things balance out.

So, learn to accept yourself and who you are—tall, short, thin, heavy, clumsy, graceful, red-haired, blonde, female, male, black, white, yellow, red, Baptist, Catholic, Buddhist—then be accepting of everyone else, too.

That’s not so hard…is it?


4 thoughts on “Are you balanced?

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  2. I always find it interesting that we usually find something about ourselves that we are unhappy with. Now me, I always wanted red hair, but ended up with a brown/blonde kinda thing. I used to color it red all the time, and finally just said the heck with it. Now I just admire other people’s red hair 😉


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