Prioritizing My Life

Someone pointed me toward Covey Quadrant as a way to prioritize my own life and my own needs. While it’s an interesting concept, it seems more geared toward business and commerce.

Facing some of the issues I am now, I would take their priorities and quadrants and rearrange them to fit my life.

Some things that are urgent to me are both important and not important, such as eating chocolate. I’ll admit it, I’m a chocoholic, and since time (and life) are limited, then why waste it. Eating chocolate is always going to be a priority in my life, and it is one of those pleasures that you can easily combine with other urgencies, such as connecting with friends, or enjoying the sunshine. I mean what can be better, than sitting on a sunny bench in a park, listening to the birds call and the kids playing while eating a thick, rich chocolate brownie?

If that’s not urgent, then the world is totally messed up. I mean, why would someone think that a deadline-driven project is so urgent and so important that everything else should have to wait? I would tell that person to take another look at their life, and figure out where their priorities really need to be.

As for work, it’s never urgent…unless you work in a hospital emergency room or something similar. But for most of us, work is simply one of those things that’s always there, always will be, and no matter how hard we go at it, it will never change. So, it becomes a non-priority in my life. It’s simply one of those necessary things, and nothing more.

So, that’s my take on the Covey Quadrant. Maybe you should take a look at your own life and see if you need to rearrange your own priorities.


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