Poetry Corner

Last night did I spy
a star in silence streak.
Through the vastness of the sky,
I heard its wordless sentence speak.

I shivered with the thought of how frightened it must be,
So cold and all alone, with no one except me.
Reaching out I cradled it, suspended in my hand.
There it faded, as was writ it’s song upon the land–

A song of love, a song of loss, a melody of light.
With harmonies of pain and cost, the words were lost in flight.
But never is the song itself, missing or corrupt,
For each of us is a song of hope, a song we don’t give up.

Even as we die,
Our soul in music speaks
Through the vastness of the sky
We hear its timeless message streak. 

& & &

I live in two worlds that exist side by side.
I live in two worlds, but in neither abide.
A world of shades, another of shadows.
A world of happiness, another of sorrows.
Two worlds do I dwell in, but in neither reside,
I’m a wraith, I’m a reaper, I’m your death-knell guide.

& & & 

I grasp for knowledge, but hold only mist.
I seek for answers, but find there are none.
The books are unwritten;
The stories unknown;
And my dreams are but stardust, scattered and gone.


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