Where and when are we, really?

“Time/space exists only because we can measure it…”

I found that quote and realized it pretty much sums up our relationship with time and space. After all, these tangibles don’t exist outside of physical reality, because beyond physical reality time/space isn’t needed.

Just imagine what our world would be like without both of them? Without space, all places would be one. Wouldn’t that be a pain if Chicago, Tokyo, London, and Toronto all shared the same space? Talk about crowded.

And then there’s time. Without time everything would be happening all at once. So, now you don’t know whether you should be going to your 9 a.m. staff meeting, heading to bed, eating lunch, or going out on the town. Is it Halloween, Yom Kippur, or New Year’s, and for what year/century/millennium—who knows. Maybe it’s all of them.

What a mess our world would be, or would it? Maybe it would be a simpler place. Maybe we could learn to adapt to a world where everything is here and all things are now. However, it seems that our choice was to develop methods of seeing and measuring our reality in a way to separate out the places, and we found ways to create increments of time that allow us to sequence events allowing each moment its own place in our minds.

We have even created a way for us to travel backward and forward in time; of course, you have to travel through space, too. Just think, you can get on a plane at 6 a.m. in LA, and arrive in NY at 9a.m. that same day. So, you not only skipped over space (going from one coast to the other), but you moved ahead three hours into the future. Not bad.

You can use this same technique to jump whole days, too. Did you miss your mom’s birthday? No problem. Simply fly past the International Date Line going west and gain a day. How cool is that?

Of course they haven’t yet come up with a way to skip back to Ancient Rome, or forward to the year 3000, but who knows? With the way science is going, they might just find the measurement that will let you do just that. We have international date lines, maybe they’ll come up with intergalactic date lines. Jump in a space ship, zip around the moon, and end up a year into the past.

According to the scientists, if you go fast enough and far enough, you can skip hundreds of years into the future (speed of light and all of that), so all we need is to find a way to reverse that so that we can visit the past. Or maybe we just need a way to measure it to make it possible. Anyone got a tape measure?


2 thoughts on “Where and when are we, really?

    1. It’s one of the few puzzles that I truly enjoy contemplating and working on. Most puzzles I merely get impatient with 😉


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