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Following the spiral staircase of my mind

What is death? Is it a cessation of life, or simply a reality I will no longer visit? Even now I do not spend 100% of my time in this reality; so perhaps death is simply moving on to those other … Continue reading

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Talk. Accept. Love.

Relationships. They’re probably one of the most difficult situations that people deal with in life. What makes them so difficult? Expectations. Every time you enter into a relationship, especially a romantic one, you bring certain expectations with you. Maybe you’re … Continue reading

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What would you do?

I saw a movie the other day that made me wonder what I would do in a similar situation. In the movie, a plane gets hijacked and the passengers know that they are going to die, so many of them … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll

It’s amazing how much more simple things seem when you stop trying to roll that stupid rock up the hill all the time. Yeah, I hear all the questions and the eyebrows raising. What rock? What are you talking about? Sisyphus (yeah, … Continue reading

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