Rock and Roll

It’s amazing how much more simple things seem when you stop trying to roll that stupid rock up the hill all the time. Yeah, I hear all the questions and the eyebrows raising. What rock? What are you talking about?

Sisyphus (yeah, how would you like that for a moniker all your life?) was a king who, according to Zeus, was presumptuous and arrogant. Therefore, as punishment, Sisyphus was forced to push this huge rock up a hill only to have it get away from him and roll back down. So, now whenever people do seemingly silly tasks over and over, it’s considered the equivalent to rolling a rock up hill. And it’s amazing how many of us do that and never realize it.

My particular rock was my constant and consistent battle against “rules”, especially those that I felt restricted my creative freedom. I was always pushing that rock of rules up the hill of change. All the while I’d be trying to get others to acknowledge how awful things were and how necessary it was to effect some changes. When they agreed with me, then they’d join in pushing on that rock. Eventually, I would have a whole group of people helping me push that rock of rules up the hill of change.

We’d struggle and endure, and occasionally we’d snipe at each other and argue. But for the most part, we persevered. We’d sometimes have to roll the rock laterally to avoid pitfalls, or we would make compromises that might entail a more circuitous route, but the closer we got to the top the more we were willing to bargain. Sometimes, we’d bargain so much, that by the time we reached the top, all we had accomplished was the moving of a rock.

But we were dedicated to our task. And once we got that rock to top, we’d celebrate. We’d all clap, cheer, and go wild with enthusiasm at how we finally got some changes made–whether we really made a difference or not. However, while our attention was turned toward celebrating our victory, that rock would quietly roll back down the hill, completely unnoticed. 

We’d all go back to our jobs, reveling in our new-found freedoms (usually more imagined than real). Soon though, we were again feeling stifled and limited. The grumblings would start, and shortly after that, the rock pushing would begin all over again.

This last time, though, I opted out. I’ve taken a solid look at my life and I’m tired of pushing that rock to nowhere. It’s pointless and inane. Especially, when I have finally realized that no matter what the rules state, I’m going to do whatever I want anyway. It’s what I’ve always done, and what I will always do. So, instead of pushing that rock of rules up the hill of change, I think I’ll just walk around the hill and ignore the whole thing.


6 thoughts on “Rock and Roll

  1. I hope I never see that hill again; though knowing me, I’ll stumble across it under another name. Hopefully, I’ll recognize it for what it is before someone cons me into trying to roll that ol’ rock up it, though.


  2. I love this, it sounds so much like my life lately. Maybe I should take another look at the rock I’m trying to roll uphill and see if it’s really worth it. Great post, thanks.


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