Following the spiral staircase of my mind

What is death? Is it a cessation of life, or simply a reality I will no longer visit? Even now I do not spend 100% of my time in this reality; so perhaps death is simply moving on to those other realities completely never to visit this one at all.

But what realities do you move on to? Some people call these other realities other planes of existence, such as the astral plane or the causal plane. Other people portray these other realities as dreamscapes created in our own minds. Some of these portrayals leave us wondering if the dreamscapes are real at all. After all, if our minds are part of our brains and our brains die, then do those other realities actually even exist past death?

I believe they do (exist). I also believe that we catch glimpses of these other worlds, these different realities in our dreams. Not that every dreamscape we see is real enough to actually exist within, but where else could reality come from if not from within us, from within our own ideas and concepts? If what I surmise is true, then I cannot wait for the opportunity to spend even more time in these worlds; time I can spend exploring and continuing my search for the reasons for our very existence.

This is what drives me…not money, glory, or personal possessions, but the real reason for our being here in this reality. Are we here because we thought ourselves into being, or are we merely figments of someone/something else’s imagination? And if this is real, then what is death? Is it just another reality? But what if this is someone else’s dream; then what is death…a nightmare?

If we are all players in each others dramas, then who is the playwright? And if we are each our own playwrights, then how many plays are we each participating in, and congratulations to us for learning all those scripts.

Life, and death, are intriguing mysteries; but death is the most intriguing (to me) simply because we have so little information available to us. Death is not a frightening thing to me, but rather is it a wonderous and mystical concept that calls to me. It offers new opportunities, as yet unknown concepts, and whole new worlds just waiting for me to explore.


6 thoughts on “Following the spiral staircase of my mind

  1. Ohhh I love how your mind wanders. Mine does too, but so often it seems to completely jump the track and it takes me a while to get back to where I started. Only then I can’t remember why I went there in the first place.

    Thanks for such an intriguing staircase.


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