Make your own reality…

We just watched a move called “The Quantum Activist” starring Amit Gotswami, a theoretical nuclear physicist and member of The University of Oregon Institute for Theoretical Physics since 1968. It was supposed to build off of the movie “What the Bleep”, but instead it left us confused and frustrated.

Supposedly, Amit was trying to use quantum physics to prove that a god exists. But he took so long to get where he was going, what with side trips, walks along the beach, and an occasional crash over the side of the cliffs, that if he made his point it was lost in the wreckage.

What I did note, was that amidst his ramblings he was basically reiterating the same material as in the Message from Michael books – only those books said it much more clearly and succinctly.

During the ramblings of the movie, Amit tried to point out that the phrase “…create your own reality…” didn’t mean that we, as humans, had the ability to change or control our lives, but that the possibilities were subject to a god, followed by our soul’s desires, then by ego. His “proof” of this was the fact that just because you wanted a new car, sitting and meditating on that want wouldn’t make it so. Yet, if the universe (god) and your soul wanted it to happen, then it just would.

I say that that is only part of it. There’s also choice. After all, sitting and meditating on getting a new car is one choice, and he’s right, most times that’s not enough to make it happen. But, you could buy a new car, trade for a new car, borrow money to get one, get a job so you could afford one, try to win one in a contest, steal one, or marry someone who has a new car.

So, you have choices, which means you have many ways to achieve what you want from life, you merely have to grab different opportunities until you find the one or ones that work for you. It’s not just up to the “universe” (or god) to provide us with what we want or what is “best” for us, but it’s up to each of us, too, to mold and create our own realities to be the way we want them to.

We have the power to choose what we will be, where we will go, and how we will get there. So, grab an opportunity and start making some choices, it’s up to you to make your reality what you want it to be.


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