What a funhouse…

The universe is a funhouse of mirrors. I’m finding it hard to accept, even though I can visualize it fine. If you step through the wall at the back, you reappear stepping through the wall at the front of the funhouse room. Step out of the room to your left, and you reappear on the right. If you look behind yourself, or to your left, or right, you’ll see multiple images of yourself at different points in your life as if in a hall of time-traveling mirrors.

At least that’s one of the latest theories that the scientists have about our universe. Now, instead of our universe being infinite, they’ve suddenly decided that it has boundaries and structure. Yet, despite the boundaries, the rules of this finite universe state that no matter how hard we try, we can never cross from one universe to another. We simply reappear back within our own universe at a corresponding corner or edge. Therefore, if you leave the universe going north, you reappear at the southern edge.

Some of the string theory scientists who also go along with this new finite universe theory, have stated that our universe is shaped like a large bubble. This large bubble is pressed up against a multitude of other large bubbles. According to the scientists, each of these large bubbles is another universe, which is merely another version of our own universe.

They call it the multiverse theory. Strings of pearls each touching, but not influencing the others along the strings. Now, according to these science guys, if you want to “escape” your universe, you would have to change the frequency at which your internal structures vibrate (this is way down beyond the atomic levels).

According to the scientists, every universe is self-contained because of it’s frequency of vibrations. So, if you don’t change the rate at which your physical form vibrates, then you simply reappear back inside your universe. 

Those theoretical cosmologists and physicists who claim that our universe is more like the funhouse full of mirrors have no explanation as to why we can’t leave; they simply say you can’t. (Sort of a “because I said so…” kinda thing.)

Also, whereas the funhouse theorists say that if you look right, left, forward, or backward, you’ll see images of yourself at various points in time, the string theorists say that each bubble or pearl, has smaller bubbles clinging to it. It’s these smaller bubbles that contain the important points in time that are needed because of their influence on our universe. And as each of those points in time is expended and no longer needed, then like a bubble, it simply breaks apart and flows back into the soapy exterior of our universe.

I’m not sure what I believe—finite or infinite; soap bubble, wave (infinite), or funhouse. But I do know it’s entertaining to listen to the scientists come up with their theories, and then try to explain them.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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