The “Messages From Michael” book says that there are 7 different types of people based on the energies (characteristics) they present. According to them there are active energies, passive energies, and one neutral.

Following their guidelines, I’m (supposedly) one of the neutral folks; but I don’t think we’re so much neutral as we are adaptable. From what I’ve read and observed, we “become” whatever type of person we’re with if their energies are strong (translation: if they have a strong personality).

What I’ve experienced is that people with neutral energies seem to act like chameleons, absorbing, and then displaying whatever traits the person or people we’re dealing with portray. And truthfully, it’s exhausting. It’s hard being everyone else rather than myself, especially when you work or interact with medium to large groups of people every day.

Each day I go into work determined to be myself, and each day I find my senses overwhelmed with other people’s emotions, needs, and goals. If the person next to me likes gardening (which I do also), then I find myself “loving gardening (their like, plus my like). If the person next to me or speaking with me hates their mother-in-law, then I find myself feeling the same way—never mind the fact that I adored my mother-in-law. (In fact, I love my husband’s whole family.)

I’ve closed down my aura and pulled in my emotional layer, and I still find myself overwhelmed sometimes. When I speak with other “neutral energy” people, I find that many of them feel the same way—overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and wondering who they really are. One moment we’re a clown, and the next a jock. We go from nerd to nurse in a split second, because in order to be receptive to the people around us, we need to shift our energies to mesh with theirs. That means, shifting our personalities, too, because that’s just part of the energies we’re adapting to. So, like the chameleon, we change “colors” with each person we interact with, and, if we’re not careful, we can become “lost” in the plaid tapestry of everyone else’s personalities and forget who we are.

According to the “Messages From Michael” book, everyone shifts their energies at least a little bit when interacting with others, but the neutrals are the most adaptable and are almost always shifting and changing. Now some energies are similar enough to your own that you don’t have to “change” all that much, while other people have energies that are so far different that you can only match a small segment of it.

In my case, most of the people I work with are close enough to my own energy patterns that it doesn’t take too much shifting to blend in. However, there are several at the extreme fringes of my range and only two who are so close that I barely need to shift at all. But even chameleons want to be themselves once in awhile, so I tend to want to stay in my cube and do what I do best—write.

However, at this job there’s a push to be part of the team, to mingle and interact with others and not just hang out in your cube and do your work. Therefore, by the end of the week I find myself completely drained with all the shifting I have to do. It’s not that the “shifting” is anything I consciously think about or plan. It’s just something that my energies do, but nonetheless, it is tiring. So, come the weekends, this chameleon hangs out on her own lanai and in her own backyard and becomes just herself.

Hmmmm…there’s a nice juicy looking fly….lunch, anyone?

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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2 Responses to Chameleons

  1. Kinsey says:

    That seems rather similar to another book that I read quite a long while ago. only in that book they called the chameleon personality a “crystal”. they equated each personality type (and there were 7 of them) to a color–I think purple was the spiritual personality type, while orange or red was the warrior type, don’t really remember it all–anyway, I do remember that crystals were supposed to mimic other colors because they had none of their own.


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