What is real?

Near death experiences…what are they really? Most people who have near death experiences feel that they truly left their bodies. Some even feel that they traveled beyond this Earthly existence to another place (heaven, the astral plane, somewhere). However, some scientists and medical experts claim that these sensations and experiences are nothing more than the misfirings of the brain caused by the lack of oxygen and the chemicals released by our bodies as we begin to shut down into death.

So, is there something more beyond the physical realm, or is it just our own body’s reactions that we experience when we die?

I’m no expert, but I’ve had at least 1 NDE myself. When I combine that with what I’ve experienced as a planer, I’m pretty confident in my beliefs. I know that what I recognize as “me” is much more than this physical body. I know that my soul (awareness, consciousness, Ka, the sentient portion of who I am) will continue even when the physical form is no longer functioning (dead). But, just like those who have had near death experiences, I have no “proof” other than what I remember of my planer and out of body experiences. Unfortunately, those folks of a more scientific nature discount memories of these types of incidents because they can’t measure and quantify them. Memories, like rainbows, can’t be captured, bottled, tested and measured.

Some scientific and medical experts have tried to recreate near death experiences using a type of virtual reality, while others have tried to induce it through chemical means. However, because these experts have not experienced the bright light, the visions of ghostly loved ones, or the feelings of expansiveness and all encompassing love, they refuse to believe in the possibility of another reality, a reality where physical bodies are not needed, a reality where consciousness and awareness exist without physicality.

They insist that since they can only measure what is happening within the physical mind and body, that all those feelings and visions are nothing more than hallucinations, self-deception based on expectations and beliefs, or are created by chemical imbalances within the mind as the body prepares itself for death. But they have not yet figured out how to measure awareness or consciousness, and if they can’t measure or recognize this fundamental aspect of humanness, how can they say for certain that life cannot exist outside of the physical body? How can they be certain that what the mind remembers during death (or rather, near death) are the memories or experiences of the soul (consciousness and awareness) as it is leaving the body, yet is still connected to the body?

After all, all of life is lived within the brain and mind, so to say something is not real because it only exists within our mind, is to say that nothing is real. I think these scientists and medical experts who refuse to even consider the possibility that consciousness and awareness can exist beyond the physical body, are so limited by their own fears that they will never “believe” or “prove” that there is life beyond the death of the physical body. At least not until they die and see it for themselves.

About TA Sullivan

An author, writer, photographer, and fellow life traveler who offers her wit, wisdom, and stories with others who share her path, if even for a moment.
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