It’s the end of the world…

or is it? My work computer certainly thought it was. It most definitely didn’t want to work today. However, I really didn’t think that my work PC’s reluctance to perform was going to be a sufficient enough excuse to declare the day an apocalypse. A call to my company’s help desk was enough to assure me that as far as they were concerned, life was continuing as normal. So, with a little help from a couple of co-workers, the PC finally agreed to come on and I could then do my job. And, so life continues…

It may seem like a minor thing, but to me it was a happy spot in what could have otherwise been an overwhelmingly frustrating day. It just shows that kindness can appear anywhere and any time.

While some might think that all of the awful things happening in the world, from mass shootings and bombings, to floods and major winter storms is a sign of the world’s collapse, I don’t. These happenings while horrible and tragic, don’t qualify as apocalyptic–even when you bundle them together.

The world is sometimes a harsh place, and occasionally the sum of all of these tragedies can seem overwhelming. But just as we’re about ready to give in and throw our hands up in despair, something or someone will come along and prove that life can be worthwhile. There are random acts of kindness out there, and even random spots of beauty. No matter how much you might try to ignore them, no matter how much you might try to retain your cloak of uninvolvement, these random acts and random spots are strong. They can pierce even the most hardened emotional armor and affect even the most deadened souls.

It can be someone willing to pay your parking fees for the day, or simply holding the door for you when your hands are full. It can be an unexpected rainbow after a bad storm, or a phone call from a good friend. Life is full of challenges, but it’s also full of goodness. I’ve been lost in the dark places of my heart, but the random glimpses of beauty and friendship that were directed my way helped me find my way back.

Save the world and keep it from ending by being the light that helps someone find their way out of the darkness…help them break out of that emotional armor that has them closed off to the world. All you need is a smile and you’ll light the way for many.




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