Staying Happy

ovaldoveStart each day with an affirmation.

Tell yourself that you are special, and believe it. Each of us is special, but a lot of us tend to forget that in the crush of everyday problems and challenges. And many of us begin to tell ourselves that we’re unworthy in some way, shape, or form. 

Instead of telling yourself that you’re klutzy, foolish, or stupid, just keep repeating the phrase “I am special. I am important…” to yourself, because you are. 

Look for the best in people, rather than the worst.

It’s too easy to fall into the pattern of seeing only the bad things. Try to remember back to when you were a kid and everyone was nice until proven otherwise. (I sometimes wonder when that changed, don’t you?) But the fact is, people haven’t gotten worse as we’ve gotten older, we’ve just forgotten how to see the good in them. We can’t read minds, so we don’t really know the “why” behind the “what” that people do, So, instead of presuming the worst motives, why don’t we try to see the good behind what people do or say?

Stop worrying about what might happen.

One of the biggest enemies of happiness is worry, and while you might think that worrying is natural, it’s not helpful. Worrying doesn’t resolve anything, it only makes you anxious and afraid. If you have to envision possibilities to a situation, why not picture a positive outcome? Worrying about possibilities that may never occur, only leads to frustration, tiredness, and unhappiness. So, let it go. If you can’t fix it, don’t sweat it.

Give yourself a gift while sharing with others.

I’m not talking about a package tied up in pretty bows (although, those are nice, too). I’m actually referring to something even more meaningful. By sharing a smile, a kind word, encouragement, or a gesture of politeness or kindness, you give yourself a gift of joy and you brighten someone else’s day, too.

And don’t forget to end each day with another affirmation.

Remind yourself of something positive that happened during the day. It might be something as small as enjoying a brief conversation with a stranger, or something big such as completing a large project. It doesn’t matter, as long as you remember that each day is as special as you are.


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